Poll: Ombre or Infini? Help me make a final choice!

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  1. Okay, after a tortuous two weeks, I have narrowed down my color options to Infini or Ombre in the Citadine style. Infini is the black/super dark navy one and Ombre is the brown-taupe. Which do you think looks better in this bag? I think both colors will match most things so it's really just down to which looks more beautiful in this style. My first time seeing ombre, I liked it better than navy but the next time, it was reverse so I am counting on you lovely TPFers to help me make a final decision! Thanks for putting up with such indecisiveness!!!

    I think this thread shows a good pic of the colors (post 1717 navy and 1720 ombre):

  2. both are great colors - I'd probably choose Infini
  3. ^^ I agree. Great choices but I would choose Infini :biggrin:
  4. Infini for the Citadine :biggrin:
  5. I love the infini color on the Empreinte leather.
    Good luck...
  6. I like both... but I like the ombre colour the most.
  7. I would be happy with either color. Do you plan on using a purse organizer with it?
  8. yes, i have one for my neverfull and plan to transplant it to this new bag. why do they need to make such pretty colors? it's killing me!

  9. İnfini:smile:
  10. Infini
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    Infini! I like the infini the most in the empreinte leather, I love how it's a dark navy blue in some lighting and almost black in others. The ombre is also nice but it's safe and neutral color, not bad but I just love the infini a little bit more and more so in this bag. It's a tough one! Just get whichever you know you will get more use out of right now i.e I find Infini a fantastic color in the winter as my coats and boots are mostly black and the infini compliments my outfits better.
    Good luck in deciding and let us know what you decide on.
  12. I love the infini color in emp Artsy/Lumi but somehow i prefer citadine in ombre!!!
  13. Another vote for infini. The color is worry free.
  14. Oh this is really a tough one! I love both colours so much! You can't go wrong with either... Lets just say that I prefer citadine in ombré a tad more.. (If it was lumi i would have said infini). Good luck!
  15. infini