Poll: Oh dear! Would you please come and help my decision, before the price rise!!!

  1. I am just thinking if I should get something before the price increase....and I am thinking of the black caviar jumbo. What do you think? And...do you think I should get it with gold h/w or silver h/w? I know it's a hard question, but please.......would you please kindly help me in deciding? :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    For you information, the following bags are what I've got so fa from Chanel....

    1. black evening bag with black camelia at the base of the chain.
    2. metallic black reissue, size 227
    3. red e/w flap with new chain
    4. expandable flap, beige
    5. dark silver reissue, size 225
    6. black caviar timeless clutch with silver h/w
    7, dark silver baby cabas

    Thank you very much for your kind help .... in advance!!! :yes::heart::tup:

  2. ooh lovely choice. From your already amazing collection above, it seems you are drawn more to silver hardware, so you could go against the grain and try the gold, which will look very very classic against your collection, but the silver looks more modern perhaps, so its a difficult decision :smile:
  3. wonderful choice.:smile: i'd say get the gold hw. i agree with chloe-babe. it will add some diversity to your lovely collection since a lot of your bags are silver colored or with silver hw.
  4. I think you should definitely get it. I think gold hw would compliment your collection nicely.
  5. Since you do not have a bag w gold HW, u may want to add one to your current collection.
  6. yes, a jumbo would be great with your gorgeous collection. With g/h!
  7. a jumbo sounds great!
  8. Wow :drool: you have a very nice collection. I think black caviar jumbo with silver h/w is a good choice. :tup:
  9. Girls,

    Thanks for all your replies...well, how about black reissue? It seems nice too, isn't it? Or should I get something in white, like white jumbo or white reissue? I just don't know...my friend is now in Paris, waiting for my deicsion....or.....should I get the sharpey flap if there's one....please....really in a big dilemma now....
  10. well you dont have a white in your collection yet... so how about a white caviar jumbo if you're not afraid of white? otherwise, I think the black caviar jumbo with G/H will be a great choice based on your current collection of S/H bags...
  11. What color jewelry do you wear most often? Are you afraid of mixing colors? It seems like to tend to gravitate towards the silver hw, telling me that your fashion preferences is more on the silver side so the silver hardware would be most flexible in your wardrobe. As it is in mine. However when I purchased my first flap I went with gold hw, since it was iconic & beautiful and I've used the heck out of it.
  12. The black caviar jumbo is the perfect choice! I, myself, would get silver hardware... but that's because I don't wear any gold, and just prefer the silver hardware. However, like others have mentioned, you don't have any bags with gold hardware, so it might be a nice change. Either one will be great... good luck!
  13. I would say a black caviar jumbo w g/h. You have a reissue already and this would be a great back. The g/h can kind of dress it up a bit if you like.
  14. I would say gold as it isn't what you have, unless the reason you don't yet have a bag with gold HW is because it doesn't really fit with the rest of your wardrobe/style. I don't have any gold HW but am a pale blonde who only wears cool shades/silver jewellery so for me, gold HW however lovely it may be on a bag, is a bad idea. If you love the gold and think you will use it a lot, go for it!
  15. I love the black caviar jumbo with gold h/w more !