Poll: No one does ___ as well as ___

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  1. I thought it would be fun to get opinions on what each brand does particularly well - something like:

    No one does canvas as well as LV

    I’m curious what you all love most about each brand! I’ve mostly stuck to Chanel and a little LV and Saint Laurent, but am interested in branching out in the future :smile:
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  2. No one does exotics as well as Delvaux!:flowers:
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  3. Valextra strap attachments are the best! So much sleeker than D-rings!
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  4. No one does the minimalist bucket bag as well as Mansur Gavriel.
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  5. I didn't know any of these things before starting this thread! New research to do tonight :smile:
  6. No one does limited edition quite like Louis Vuitton.
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  7. No one does suede as well as Gucci...
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  8. no one does leather as well as hermes
  9. NO ONE does nylon as well as Prada
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  10. That was EXACTLY what my thought was when seing this thread before reading it!
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  11. No one does elegant, lightweight and durable like Longchamp (Planetes)
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  12. No one does lambskin like Dior.
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  13. No one does color like Hermes.
  14. loving this thread....
  15. No one does stars like Rika