Poll: need your help deciding

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  1. Hey everyone, I need your input regarding which one to get. I already have the Monogram Speedy 25, which I love. So now I'm trying to decide between the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30 in Dune, or the Monogram Batignolles Horizontal. Oh decisions, decisions!
  2. mini lin speedy in dune!
  3. If you really like speedies -- then by all means, get the mini lin!!! If you deep down prefer shoulder bags, then I would likely go with the BH -- but again, I must say mini lin is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. I agree.
  5. Definitely the batignolles horizontal, its such a useful bag!
  6. i'm tempted to say the BH... maybe cause i've been craving one myself ;)
  7. I love the BH, use it all the time, so functional. I also have two Speedies but I am not a fan of the Dune color.
  8. I totally agree!
  9. BH! Such a terrific bag!
  10. I vote for the BH! :smile:
  11. Get the mini lin! It's perfect for the season! But if you need to put books or something, the BH is better!
  12. maybe since you already have a speedy.. hmm go with the Batignolles!!
  13. I vote for batignolles horizontal!!!!At least you will have some variety on bags---i mean hand held and shoulder one!!!!!!!!:P
  14. Same here. It's a great bag.
  15. Mini Lin, but I'm biased!