POLL : Need your help (again) to decide for my next Bag


Your next H, should be a ...because

  1. - Raisin Massaï PM in Clemence with Brush HW

  2. - Raisin Birkin 35cm in Clemence with P HW

  3. - Raisin Birkin 35cm in Goat with P HW

  4. - Raisin Birkin 35cm in Togo with P HW

  5. - Mysterious color Birkin 30cm in Ostrich with P HW

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  1. OK, so here is my problem...
    I just had my Birkin 35 cm Black box, and I'm already thinking to the next H...

    Few weeks ago I was balancing beetween a Black or a Raisin Massaï in Clemence, and a Raisin Vespa in Goat...The Raisin Massaï had won...

    But now I think that maybe another Birkin would be great:idea:...
    - For an everyday use, I could go for another 35cm in Clemence, Togo or Goat ...
    I was thinking to Raisin, but if you have another color in mind, please share with me

    - Or a 30 cm in Ostrich:love: : I borrow this pics from angel2307, and to be honnest I love to have it in the dark color with PHW...
    So if somenone could tell me the name of this mysterious color :confused1:
    (and the price of a 30cm Ostrich Birkin here in Paris:confused1:)

    So here is the poll :
    - Raisin Massaï PM in Clemence with Brush HW
    - Raisin Birkin 35cm in Clemence with P HW
    - Raisin Birkin 35cm in Goat with P HW
    - Raisin Birkin 35cm in Togo with P HW
    - Mysterious color Birkin 30cm in Ostrich with P HW

    :flowers: for your help

  2. Ostrich scares me so I vote for

    Raisin Birkin 35cm in Goat with P HW :tup:

    Or Rouge H 35cm in Goat with PHW ;)
  3. Hi~ I really like the Raisin Birkin in clemence w/ palladium hardware..I think it is gorgeous. The Ostrich bag is different..but I like the classic look of the raisin in clemence better. Good luck on your decision.:flowers:
  4. Ostrich ofcourse .... LOVE IT ...
    anyone knows the name of the color ... amazing ,,,
  5. A raisin Birkin in Clemence with PHW would be stunning! :tup:

    I love ostrich Birkins, but I couldn't tell if that color was lavender or gray. I love ostrich in a brown...just TDF!

    Good luck FromParis!! :flowers:
  6. Siince you've already ventured into the more unusual with your Black Box Birkin, I'd go for a 30cm Ostrich in a deep color (something in the purple or brown family, perhaps).
  7. The Raisin Birkin 35cm is winning so far...but for the leather is not decisive yet ;)...
    And Ostrich is not far ...

    More opinions ???
  8. I have to agree I voted for the raisn 35 cm Birkin in goat with P HW.
  9. I am wondering where everyone is going to get all these 35cm Birkins in goat!! Seriously, I'm dying for one and keep being told by my several SAs that they are just not available.

    Anhoo. That ostrich bicolor looks to me to be something like graphite & etoupe, or gris tourterelle & that other color I can't remember the name of--translates to sand?

    As for the regular leathers I honestly think you will have a much better shot at getting a 35 in Clemence than in any chevre, so I would say that's probably my vote.
  10. fromparis, Raisin Birkin 35cm in Clemence with PHW. :smile:
  11. The ostrich kelly now is 7500 uk pounds ( will go up in January) think the birkin is around the same price

    OSTRICH I say, I love that bi color
  12. Massai forever!! I have an ongoing obsession with this bag. And raisin is TDF! A great, different neutral. Brushed hardware sounds beautiful as well.
  13. At first it was a Massai, and now you're thinking Ostrich? :p

    Admit it, fromparis, you're just going to end up getting a croc :roflmfao:

    But I do think a Raisin Birkin would be another fab addition! I only know Clemence and it is a very hardy leather. If you can find it in Swift, I think you should consider it too :yes:
  14. Is Chevre harder to get than Box? I'm assuming that if fromparis just got her Box order she might be able to get Chevre as well :yes:
  15. Have you considered Prune as opposed to Raisin as a colour? I am not an Ostrich fan, but when I laid my eyes on a Prune ostrich birkin this weekend, I couldn't help but stare. It's a real stunner.