Poll: Need a new hangbag for the spring...please help me decide which one!

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  1. Thanks!!

    A. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Teri or Faridah in Grass Green. $432



    B. Treesje Asher - $595, can get for $468

    C. I usually hate D & B, but am for some reason drawn to the medium chiara, its at the bottom of my list so far though, price wise its the cheapest $345, but patent leather is quite durable
  2. Faridah or Asher ... I saw the latter at Saks this weekend and it was droolicious
  3. I really like the Faridah and the Asher. They are both great colors, especially the Asher :drool:
  4. I have the MbMJ Faridah in that green and lurrrrrrve it. One of the most comfortable bags I own.

    The Dooney Chiaras are really nice in person. If the straps were longer, I would have one.
  5. Love the Faridah!!! :tup:

    Second would be the turquoise Chiara.
  6. Love the Asher...don't care for the other two. I personally lean toward east west shape rather than bags that hang down low on the body and I don't like patent.
  7. Turquoise Chiara!! I'm usually not a D&B fan either but I really like that bag. It screams SPRING!!
  8. Too funny! I had the MJ bag and the D&B bag on my wish list this last weekend after seeing them both at Nordies....well not the MJ but I'm familiar with it.

    My thoughts:

    1) Good Ruck trying to find either a Faridah OR a Teri in grass green anywhere in the known world. If you do find one, let us know! I'd like one too!!!! ;)

    2) That D&B bag is insane. I mean seriously - I've seen it in person and that's soooo not the stuffy D&B bag that I know. I mean this was an amazing piece of juicy candy sitting on the shelf. These colors were so vibrant, so beautiful and the size was so crazy perfect they reminded of Starburst Candies - I wanted one in EVERY color! The Fuschia and the Yellow were my favorites by far!

    3) That Asher bag is waaay down on the bottom of the list for me. I don't care for the zipper down the front and uh....it sort of reminds me of a Tano bag.....not that that's BAD you know, but I just reeeeally don't like that style.

    Did that help??? :shrugs:
  9. MJ Faridah! The Dooney is nice as well though- my mom wants one in white patent.
  10. Treesje Asher
  11. Get the Dooney!!!
  12. I like the first MBMJ. Very cute bag.
  13. Asher, great color.
  14. bump. so many varied answers! need more swaying :lol:
  15. I would def go with the treesje- the leather just looks TDF and I love the vibrant blue color- next would be the MBMJ terri- i just like the overall shapes of these better!:drool: