Poll: Natural Mini Bowling, Twiggy or Sm. Matellase?


Natural bag in what style?

  1. mini bowling

  2. twiggy

  3. matelasse

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I really want a natural (non GH) bag, and I've narrowed it down to these styles that I think I would like the natural in the best. The only stlye I haven't tried in person is the matellase and I am worried it might not look as good with casual dress as the other styles. But, I also think it may be the most head-turning bag out of the three.

    I hate decisions! If only I lived near a Bbag retailer, life would be so much easier.
  2. I voted for the matellase. I think it'd be really pretty in the naturel!
  3. I voted for the twiggy because of your casual dress comment - I agree w/you, the twiggy is better with casual dress, IMO. Good luck!
  4. Twiggy.

    I'm not into Matellase. The mini bowling doesn't accentuate the motor style IMO.
  5. My vote for the twiggy, will be lovely in natural.
  6. I'm a twiggy nut, so obviously this would be my choice.
  7. Twiggy....I saw a Natural twiggy today and it looked great!
  8. twiggy!!!
    i'm not into the shapes of mini bowling and the quilted metalasse :
  9. Twiggy.:yahoo: