Poll: My first BV - ferro sloane or turbolence pleated veneta

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  1. hi

    i will be making my first, oops, second purchase (got a card case on sat, couldn't resist 30% off!) later this month in HK.

    on my list is: iridescent baltic flap pouch AND either

    (1) ferro sloane or;

    (2) turbolence pleated veneta.

    my work place is smart casual and i am a busy mum of 2 young toddlers. but i love to be glamorous!

    need your fabulous opinions pls!

  2. Ferro sloane
  3. I'm with Sum, Ferro sloane.
    Did you get the Ottone sloane?
  4. Both!! I know that is no help whatsoever, but how do you really pick between the two?! If one was a classic style/colour and therefore I knew that you could get it anytime in the future, I would pick the other one - but since both are only going to be around for a limited time I do think there is something to be said for grabbing them both while you can!!
  5. They're both beautiful bags but if I had to chose only one, I'd get the Ferro Sloane. Depending on what colors you normally wear, I think you'll use the Ferro for years to come.
  6. this is an impossible choice. i'd normally pick ferro sloane above just about everything, but the turbulence pleated veneta is just AMAZING too.

    so, like bookermoose said, get both, heehee.
  7. What I really wanted to say is: get the ferro sloane first.

    then the pleated veneta second (er maybe you can do some advanced planning on your third BV purchase)

  8. I would say the Ferro Sloane since it's so timeless.
  9. sum

    tks for your vote!


    i did not get the Ottone Sloane (they reserve it till tomorrow) cos i felt it cost too much here in Shanghai. It costs like USD3,600. it only costs USD2400 in most places??


    strange that u voted for ferro sloane cos turbolence is on your wishlist? oh i know, u already hv a ferro sloane right ;)
  10. There is a funny thing about your first BV bag.... it generally leads to your second and third and so forth - the star example for me is the lovely lululala's collection (http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta/look-what-ive-got-in-2-months-309632.html, http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta/i-found-it-i-found-i-cant-happier-312248.html, http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta/omg-ive-got-another-ban-oops-bag-311208.html, http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta/little-quiet-lately-lets-share-our-last-buy-171410-80.html) so i don't even know how to tell you to choose since both are totally TDF bags. you will make the right choice after trying them on (maybe a million times like me) and then of course you will probably go back for more. whatever you do, please share with us!
  11. bookermoose, mundodabolsa

    u know, that could actually be done haha! i am lacking a black/grey bag but I am really such a purple person. yesterday, my 2.5 y.o. daughter said "mum, your eyes are purple" and I said "Yes, do you want some too". heehee
  12. you know, purple and grey go so well together, just get one for each arm ;)
  13. I would go for ferro sloane too..

    I'm hoping to get the Dark Navy one (hopefully on sale :P) this December. But if I can find an Ottone Sloane.. who knows.. I might bring forward my purchase!
  14. juzluvpink

    good luck in finding one! :heart:
  15. doloresmia

    u know, u r absolutely right! i am already scheming to buy my next one. and my heart is palpitating just trying to decide which one to get, altho I hv to say honestly my heart is quite close to the Sloane Ottone (!) as I speak.

    ya i know i said no Sloane Ottone but my friend is convincing me otherwise!