Poll: montaigne in dune or kimono in dune?

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  1. Which one do you like better? Montaigne mm in dune or kimono in mono/dune?
  2. I would pick the Montaigne. I like both bags though. I assume you are trying to determine which of these two bags to buy. The styles are very different that makes picking one of them kind of tough. Happy shopping!
  3. Thanks! Yes I am trying to decide between the two. Thanks!
  4. Montaigne is full leather while kimono is leather + canvas. Montaigne still looks a little more pricey.
  5. I personally love the look and contrasting, yet complimentary, textures/materials of the Kimono. If you live near a store then try them both on, with your usual things inside, and decide which one better suits the needs of your lifestyle, wardrobe, etc.
  6. I love the look of both and really can't see you going wrong with either but the Montaigne gets my vote here.
  7. Kimono:smile:
  8. as much as i love the Montaigne bc of the versatility...there's just something special about the Kimono. If it fits in with your wardrobe and lifestyle..my vote goes for the Kimono.
  9. Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it! It has been very helpful. I think I made my decision but I will let you know once it's final. I'm still open to more feedback! 😉
  10. Montaigne :smile:
  11. I like the Kimono better. Such a chic bag.
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  12. I have a kimono in cherry and Montaigne in black and like the kimono more although it's a bigger bag. I was sort of surprised when I received my Montaigne mm, I thought it was small....
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  13. I have both, but i use my kimono the most because it goes well with everything from jeans to dresses plus its so different from other lv monogram bags, i have the mono/noir by the way:smile:
  14. Kimono !!!!! I love the mono combination best !!!! Can go from casual to dressy in a heartbeat . I have the Phenix , which is similar and adore that bag :smile:
  15. Hi! I ended up buying the kimono! Thanks!