Poll: Mirage - who's got it?


Which color mirage do you have?

  1. Noir

  2. Bordeaux

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. We took a poll to see just how limited the miroir lockit was and the results were interesting. Now I'm curious to know who got mirage (any model/color). Again, how limited was it really? So, tell us which one you got and which color -- and I know some of you got the speedy in both colors, you lucky things.

    BTW, I got a bordeaux speedy.
  2. I have the Mirage in Noir
  3. I have the mirage in noir.
  4. Bordeaux speedy:love:
  5. Bordeaux and loving it!
  6. Bordeaux:heart:
  7. Bordeaux for me too!
  8. Bordeaux for me.
  9. Noir:smile:
  10. Bordeaux with the flaming red hair to match - though the hair came 1st!
  11. I've got a bordeaux Speedy. I'm going shopping this weekend to find a pair of matching pumps and/or boots for my bordeaux Speedy.
  12. Bordeaux por moi!!!

  13. ^^^^^^^


    <--------Et le Noir Mirage pour moi aussi !!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  14. Sorry mine lacked a "u". Keep confusing Spanish and French. :push:
  15. Bordeaux for me too! I had to return one, but bc of a very special TPF member I am getting my new on on FRIDAY!!! YEA!