Poll: Mini Lin Ebene Speedy or Damier Ebene Speedy and why....

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Which Speedy would you choose and why??

  1. Mini Lin Ebene Speedy

  2. Damier Ebene Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm really not sure I love the Damier Neverfull that I bought. I am a plus size and it just barely fits over my shoulder without a coat. I bought the MM and the GM was the same way as I tried them both on, And I'm not even sure that I like the thin straps. So, if its going to end up being handheld or armheld anyway, maybe I should just take it back and get another speedy but in a larger size (I have 25's). If you were to do this which Speedy would you get? These are the ones I'm thinking....

    Mini Lin Ebene...been liking this one for awhile but is it hard to take care of?


    Damier Ebene....I have this in a 25

    Damier Azur... Although the light Vachetta scares me...
  2. I would get the speedy. I have both a neverfull and speedy but I much prefer the speedy.
  3. Which one? I really like the Mini Lin but I've never ventured away from the LV canvas before so I'm not sure of jhow well the material holds up or if its hard to take care of.
  4. I love all speedys. The Azur would be great for summer but maybe not so great the rest of the year. So it depends on if u have a bag u dont mind using till around April when the Azur would be good to use.
  5. I would definetly want something I could use everyday. You don't see the Azur as a year round bag?
  6. hmm I'm not a speedy fan, but I can see your concern ..
    hand held, why don't you try the monotorgueil
  7. well I see it as more of a summer bag but I guess it could be used everyday. I mean I plan on buying it.
  8. not at all its a worry free bag :smile:
    if you're not happy with your purchase return it, get something you're going to enjoy!
  9. oh I have the Montorguiel.. Still much prefer the speedy
  10. Thanks Bag Fetish. I think when I go I friday I will definetly check out the Mini Lin Ebene. I've been crushing on it for awhile I've just been worried about the material as I'm used to the coated canvas. BTW, you can never change your avatar, no matter where you are on tPF, when I see you I think of Pam Anderson. :yes:
  11. Damier ebene Speedy!

    Love that bag!
  12. I much prefer the Speedy to the Neverfull - get a Speedy! I have all the ones you are considering, and am using my Mini Lin now for the second winter season -- it still looks great.
  13. I'd definitely return the neverfull for the mini lin speedy.
  14. mini lin speedy!
  15. I am not a huge fan of the neverfull. It looks cute off, but not so much on... and I don't like the straps either. They look like they would dig in to your shoulder! I would go for the speedy. The 30 is a great size, and depending on which speedy you choose, then you can add a shoulder strap too!