POLL: Med Carly in Chocolate or Denim? Here goes the start of my May purchases, OY!!


Choose my new Carly!

  1. Medium cotton, chocolate and white!

  2. Medium denim!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I just bought the large black sig. Carly and LOVE it!:yahoo: Please help me choose my F&F purchase:yes: Med. Chocolate cotton carly or the denim? Im getting the matching wallet too:graucho: I'll post pics! Give me your votes ladies, cant wait to see what I'm getting!:nuts:
  2. Its a tough choice but I voted chocolate
  3. ^^^^
    I agree.
    Tough call.
    Both are gorgeous IRL.
    I vote chocolate!
  4. Your Macy's carries the chocolate carly?
    I will have to add that to the list.
    I wish Coach wasn't so anal about giving out the UPCs. It would be hunting down these bags at Macy's so much easier.

    I voted for the chocolate!
  5. Both are beautiful, but I vote for the chocolate.
  6. I vote for chocolate.
  7. I love the denim :heart:
  8. I vote for the denim!
  9. denim :smile:
  10. I love the denim one. Chocolate's incredibly pretty too. I voted denim.
  11. one can never have too much chocolate!
  12. I have the denim-I love the denim-get the DENIM!! :yes:
  13. I was just in Coach today and saw the denim....I love it!
  14. AAhhh its tied! Keep the votes coming ladies. Im soooooo confused right now lol!
  15. the chocolate is delish ;)