POLL: Matinee w/ LONG Shoulder Strap

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Add option of detachable shoulder strap to Matinee?

  1. YES.. would like option of detachable shoulder strap

  2. NO... would never use it

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Taking a POLL, Ladies.. I am new to RM, wandered over from BAL. I am really liking the style of the Matinee...ALOT.... but will not buy it because it does not offer the option of a detachable shoulder strap.
    I did ask Codi about this and she said "it's been mentioned, so you never know!"....
    SOOO... If enough Minkettes would like an optional shoulder strap, MAYBE RM would add this as an option to the Matinee.
    My question is.. who else would like the option of having a long shoulder strap on the matinee??
  2. No, I would not care for it since the Matties handles themselves are perfect to carry over the shoulder and I am not the messenger kind of style girl.
  3. I prefer wearing bags crossbody (and most of my bags are crossbody/messenger style) but I am loving the Matinee right now - the handles do allow the bag to sit nicely on the shoulder.

    What I don't like about dual handles + long strap is that the handles never look right flopped over when using the long strap so I don't really like bags that have both dual handles + strap unless the strap is removable (would be great if the handles were removable when using the long strap). On the Market Tote, the handles can be flipped inside the bag. Bags that have a single short strap and a single long strap look much better IMO.

    I have thought about the Matinee with a strap option but when I look at the bag, there's not really a good place to add hardware for the long strap IMO. Unlike the Henri and the boxy MAB/M, I don't think the Matinee's rounded squishy shape lends itself to adding a long strap (which would change how it hangs). At some point, I may try to get an Henri if a color I want ever surfaces but I think the Matinee looks best as is.
  4. How would that even work?

    My matinee is fine on my shoulder. I don't even like MAM's with the strap. It sits really weirdly. Long straps have to go on bags that hug/mold/conform to the body better. I don't know...
  5. I have already clipped a strap on mine, but don't usually wear it this way. The matinee fits over the shoulder just fine, but I would like the extra inches on the mam/mab too.

    There could be rings on the same spots as there are on the mam/mab bags to make it a long shoulder bag too.
  6. ^I too would like if the MAM/MAB would come with longer handles.
  7. I really think the Mattie would look silly being worn with a shoulder strap...just my two cents though.
  8. it might look a little duffle bag-y with a strap, imo. sorry :/
  9. I would like the option of having the strap but after reading the opinions here, can't help but agree.
  10. BUT.. it's an OPTION.. not something anyone HAS to have.... Might be NICE to have the option for travel... SOMETIME use...etc...
    Like on the Henri.. put it on or don't... when desired.
  11. I'm not a fan of long straps either, same reason why I'm not a fan of the mini-mini's.. eep!
  12. I don't think a long strap would work on the Matinee. It's a big bag, so it would probably sit weird. Plus, it looks like the straps are plenty long enough to comfortably wear over the shoulder.
  13. No, for me.

    I like the Mattie the way it is because it's a cute little weiner looking bag so it'd look weird with longer straps to me. And it also fit on my shoulders already so I love it the way it is ;)