Poll: Matelasse - Large or Medium, what color?

  1. I am falling in love with the Matelasse style....

    At first I was going to get a office size white and then a Part time Cafe both with the GH...

    Then I am thinking about changing that Cafe to Matelasse style...

    what are your opinions?

    1. French Blue - Medium 1795
    2. Marron - Medium 1795
    3. Truffle - Medium 1795
    4. Black - Medium 1795
    5. French Blue - Large 1995
    6. Marron - Large 1995
    7. Truffle - Large 1995
    8. Black - Large 1995

    DO they have the Matelasse in any other colors besides above and white that you guys know of?

    Opinions appreciated!!!!
  2. oooh... I'd go the black for that style for sure!
  3. I vote for french blue. I know it will also come in aquamarine, bleu glacier, sandstone, anthracite, and natural.
  4. Oooh... that's a tough choice. I have it in marron and black. I want the one in bleu glacier. That said, the one I use the most is the black. Both the french blue and white though are stunning.
  5. Oh yeah... I want sandstone and natural too. This style is absolutely yummy and addictive. ;)
  6. I like sandstone & periwinkle in that style.. and prob. medium size
  7. French blue or anthracite in medium size!
  8. I like it in Black. It's a Classic look with a rocker edge to it.
  9. i love it in black. but i don't think you could go wrong with any color. anthracite? I will probably faint when I see that!
  10. My bf bought me a black medium for my birthday ( can't open the box cause my b day is the 23th march)
    I'm so happy, can't wait to have it.
    I saw the naturel medium and it's beautiful too but my favorite is clearly the black one.
    I love french blue but I prefer the city for that color
  11. marron medium!
  12. I have the Black Matelasse (see my Avatar).

    The description of the sizes are very confusing ... there are really only TWO sizes of this style:
    1) Small (what you have been referring to as the "Medium")
    2) Large (also referred to as the "Grande")

    What confused a lot of folks, is that a picture of a quilted Weekender appeared in some of the Fashion magazines ... BUT ... in fact, it's not the same style as it does not have the traditional Motorcycle styling (e.g., whipstitched handles, front zippered-pocket, tassels, etc.).

    I was told that the French Blue would be available in the "Small" size only and so far, I have not seen it in the Large size. I know that the White, Black and Brown colors will be available in both sizes. You might want to check with Balenciaga as to what is available before getting your hopes up! Good luck!!!
  13. personally, would prefer to get this style in black - smallest size :nuts:
    naturel would be awesome, too!
  14. ITA. The medium size in those colors would be great.

  15. ITA! Anthracite would be gorgeous!