Poll: Magenta Standard or GH ?


Magenta: Std or GH



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  1. while on the topic of Magenta, I am wondering if Magenta std would be better as it is already a bright colour. What do you guys think? I am going for the Violet Silver GH and I am wondering if Magenta Silver GH is an overkill...

    I am trying to get my purple family together!!:yahoo:
  2. I'm going for the GH in silver. But I'm a GH girl, go figure? I was so anti GH up until March. Either way, you can't go wrong........Magenta is gorgeous in any hardware.:smile:
  3. i prefer the classic hardware, but echoeing cracker's response, you can't go wrong.
  4. i agree! you cant go wrong.

    i have traditionally been a RH girl.. but i keep seeing women with GH bags, and they are so eye catching!!

    magenta is such a fun color, i think GH is sort a funky fun look!
  5. No harm gettin it this in GH for silver HW....it looks unique and definitely is something different than the rest of the bbag....:smile:
  6. Both! But I get the feeling that's now allowed.
  7. Whoops, I mean not allowed. By Balenciaga.
  8. Well, given that I've never actually seen a magenta city with GH, (but I now own an '05 magenta city) I'm gonna have to stick with the familiar and vote for RH. The color is SO extremely bright, I really don't think it *needs* anything more. When my magenta arrived, my hubby said, "It's uh, very.....flamboyant." And he's right! The color is so attention-grabbing and drop-dead beautiful. It needs no embellishment. :smile:
  9. I am voting for the GH only because that is what I requested on my fax. I'm really hoping I made a good choice. I hope it is not too flashy!!!
    I'm so scared!!!
  10. Does anyone know for a fact whether or not you can order more than one?
  11. REGULAR. It scares me with regular, with GH... too heavy and way too much bling for me. The color itself stands out enough.
  12. We said, Powderpuff - I agree completely!:yes: