Poll: LV Epi Speedy 25 or Chloe Paddy???


Which bag should I get??

  1. LV Epi Speedy 25 in Toledo (NOW)

  2. Chloe Paddington in Mousse (soon?)

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  1. LV Epi Speedy 25 OR...
    Chloe Paddington medium satchel

    Ladies I need help! I have been searching around (and saving up) for a Mousse Chloe Paddington medium satchel, I haven't found the perfect one yet. However, I did just discover an LV Epi Speedy 25 in Toledo (a beautiful blue) that I can afford right now!!!
    Should I hold out a bit longer for the Perfect Paddy or buy the gorgeous Epi Speedy that I am currently admiring???? HELP!
  2. Get the epi. It's gorgeous!
  3. I like the speedy a lot better, especially in the pretty blue. It seems much more classic to me.
  4. that's what i'm leaning towards right now... its sooooo beautiful!!
  5. I prefer the Speedy - I love that bag! It is so classic, and I love how light it is (I have it in red). But if you really want the Paddy, wait for it.
  6. Epi speedy, I LOVE that bag!
  7. What a choice! I'm sorry I can't even vote! The epi speedy in that blue is gorgeous, I don't have it but have seen IRL, really nice...and the paddy is a gorgeous bag (I got one for Christmas and my aunt who has some Amazing expensive bags said it was the nicest bag she's ever seen), mousse is a great paddy colour. Maybe toss a coin?;) . Good luck, can't go wrong with either.
  8. ohh geeze. I think Kimmi said it best. They are both great bags.

    Paddy is a bit more trendy though.

    The Speedy will always be classic!!
  9. I love the Paddys... I had a whiskey medium satchel awhile back, but not for long (i stupidly sold it :crybaby: ). But I've never had LV! Maybe I should experience it while I save for a Paddy LOL!
  10. I love the look of the speedy more.
  11. I voted for the Speedy.. it seems to have more lasting power
  12. I chose the Epi Speedy. I considered the Paddington also, but found it a little heavy for me.
  13. Boy, this is a close call!!! I love them both! I am leaning toward the Chloe because I LOVE their leather. I love the Epi for a wallet (on my wish list!), and bags that need more structure than a speedy.
  14. speedy! the blue is yummy!
  15. The Epi Speedy is a stunner, particularly in the dazzling blue. However, the Chloe Paddy would get more use on a daily basis and it's an awesome bag too.