POLL: Limited Edition Magenta City...which one did you order?


POLL: Which Limited Edition Magenta City did you order?

  1. Regular hardware

  2. Gold hardware

  3. Silver hardware

  4. Didn't or aren't going to order this one

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  1. Just curious to see what Magenta City you ordered. I ordered the regular hardware.
  2. If this LE bag had been available, say, 2 weeks earlier...then I definitely woulda been on the list for a magenta city with RH! But, I had bought a 2005 magenta City from a fellow PFer only a few days before BalNY's news was announced. I paid a lot over retail but I think it was worth it. The leather is killer. :heart:
  3. I ordered 2 in the gold one for me and one for my Mom:yahoo:
  4. None for me! I owned two '05 Magenta bags and simply could not get the colour to work with my wardrobe (though I know for a fact I'm in the minority). I actually feel relieved that I don't have to wonder about how to raise the funds for this one:p
    However- I am SO excited for all of you who did order. I can't wait to see you all rockin' your magentas! Especially with the giant hardware!!!
  5. ^^ None for me, either! So wish I could wear this color, but it just isn't me. I am really happy for all of you who are finally getting a long coveted bbag color!
  6. None. I'd like to see the Magenta in the Day with Giant Silver, though
  7. Regular hardware!!
  8. kristydarling, i second that down to every last word. congrats on your bag! i am totally in love with mine too. i was about to get one for my friend, but when she saw how bright magenta really is, she passed on it.

    but...it doesn't mean i can't be excited for all your girls are who were dying for this opportunity to get your magenta beauty.:yahoo: i really can't wait to see all the photos.
  9. I'm in the same boat as most of ya'll so far. I can only have this color in a smaller bag and I have pouchette in Magenta so that is enough for me. I'm really excited for all of you who did order one and can't wait to see all the pics!
  10. LOL. It is a VERY bright color. My husband cringes every time he sees it and says, "Man, that bag is loud." Whatever -- he doesn't have to carry it. And I LOOOOVES mine! :nuts:
  11. it's silver for me but thinking of getting the standard too.. and will decide which fits me better ..then pass the other to my sis.... cause I know if I pass this up at retail I will have to pay premium to get it USED
  12. lol. OMG, that is exactly what my bf said. we are like twins :smile: . i agree about it being a extremely bright color. much brighter than in pictures i have seen. glad that you love yours. enjoy her.
  13. wow, lots of us ordered! i'd love to know what percentage pfer's bought out of the whole thing, haha. i got gold GH!
  14. I got silver hardware. I wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of PF'ers are the purchasers of these bags. ;)
  15. none. although if i didn't already have a magenta day, i would definitely get the regular hardware.