Poll...Large Sabrina or LV Speedy...

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Which would you choose??

  1. LV Speedy 30 in Damier Eben or Mini Lin Ebene

  2. Large Sabrina and some accessories

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    I have about $700 to spend on a bag and I thought that I knew I was getting a new LV Speedy bag but then I came over here and started looking at the Sabrina's and I thought "wow, those are so much cheaper and I could get some accessories too". I am going tomorrow and I am just so confused as to what I shold do. What would you do??
  2. LARGE SABRINA....:tup::heart:
  3. I voted Sabrina. It's such a versatile bag.

    Having had several speedies and selling them, I got the large Sabrina because it reminded me a teeny bit of the speedy but had much more versatility.
  4. Sabrina all the way :smile:... having the shoulder option is what makes it great!

    Although, make sure you try on both the large and small sabrina...the large is definitely larger than the speedy 25 or 30 and possibly the 35 (it's too big for me). The small is probably closer to the 25 than the 30 but can deceptively fit a ton.
  5. Sabrina! They are gorgeous and the hardware gets them a little more flair than an LV. Plus, like others have said it's so nice to have the shoulder strap option. I use mine (I have the black leather, teal leather, and khaki op art sig) both ways all the time!!
  6. I voted for the Sabrina. It's a beautiful bag, wish i had one myself! Good Luck
  7. I say the Sabrina. I like LV but not enough to spend that much on it. I'd rather have a new bag + accessories.
  8. i vote sabrina 'cause let's face it...Coach is love. :graucho: (that was cheesy...although i couldn't resist...)
  9. Sabrina!!!!
  10. i say u have enuf LV. stick to the sabrina and get a few other accessories to accompany her !

    p.s. i've gt the speedy 25 and am lusting after the small sabrina !
  11. I like to get more for my money so I would have to also go with the Sabrina.
  12. LV DAMIER, its GORGEOUS---> nutz ducks her head :whiteflag:
    I really like both bags but I think a Sabrina will come later on and be cheaper down the road as LV go up several times a year, JMO.
    Both bags are GREAT, BEST OF LUCK!!!
  13. Not a big fan of LV so Sabrina it is!
  14. speedy that was easy :O)
  15. oh ! another reason why to get the sabrina first, speedy will always be there.. albeit with slightly higher prices..