Poll: Key holder in amarante

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Which key holder?

  1. Pastilles key holder

  2. Vernis 4-key holder

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I saw the little Pastiilles key holder at the LV boutique I visited last month, but resisted at the time. It is so cute! But I also would really like a "little something" in amarante vernis. I considered the amarante vernis zippy, but went with mono because I worried that the vernis would not withstand the kind of use that mono would over time. But now there is a little vernis 4-key holder, and I like that, too! Which of these do you like better, and why? (I would get either in the amarante color, if that factors into your decision)

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  2. I think I would prefer to get the vernis amarante key holder. I think the price is more reasonable than the key chain. Also, the darker vernis is not as hard to maintain because you don't have to worry about color transfer.
  3. If you are planning to use the key chain on your keys and not as a bag charm I would say to get the amarante 4 key holder instead. I have a couple of Coach keychains on my keys and those have gotten absolutely RUINED from constantly being banged around, the LV keychain is too expensive to get ruined like that! Good luck deciding!
  4. my vote..... vernis 4-key holder..:smile:
    good luck:smile:
  5. I have the Vernis 4 key holder in Amarante, and love it. That would be my choice! I too, was worried about the durability of the Vernis, but many PF members reassured me about Vernis being a lot tougher than people think.

    I have used it for a couple of months and it's looks fantastic!

    Good luck in your choice!

  6. Go for the amarante key holder.
  7. Is it easy to get in and out of it for keys? Do you just have one out at a time, or how exactly do you use yours?
  8. I'm right with you on the Amarante! Gorgeous either way you go, but I'd go with the vernis four key holder. I'd be afraid of what the condition of the key chain would look like. This way you also get that lovely vernis!
  9. It is easy to get in and out of IMO. Take out whatever key you want to use and close the others up inside (if that makes sense). I guess the only thing I don't like is the car fob has to be kept separately, so I have two separate key items. I guess this is why so many people like the cles because it combines everything.

    Anyway, I love mine, the colour is gorgeous and it works great!

  10. It won't hold a car key? That's what I wanted it for...that and my work keys which are fairly large. Do you have any pics of yours posted? I would love to see it!
  11. It will hold the car key, but not the key fob (the plastic remote for opening doors)

    Inside I keep house keys but keep my car key on the plastic key fob for convenience. You can also double up on the clips and carry more than 4 keys if you want. If you didn't want to keep your car key on the fob you could put it in the key case! I will def. post pix. but need help and DH appears busy right now... tee hee blush blush!

    I had the monogram 6 key holder and it is convenient but the 4 key holder is slimmer and more elegant looking.

  12. Okay, I see what you are saying now! :shame: My car key has the alarm thingy built into it, so it's just a larger key. Hopefully that will fit! If not, I could keep the key toward the outside and the house/work keys inside.
  13. If you're buying it to hold keys, I would get the key holder ~ then the keys do not scratch other items in your bag.

    I have the Pastilles, but only use it as a bag charm and/or a pochette extender.

    I'm actually thinking about the key holder in Violette ... let us know which you decide on!

    P.S. The car alarm thingy (which most of us have)
    can actually just hang outside, I think.
  14. Yea, you could easily keep the key with 'alarm thingy' on the outside, with the other keys snapped inside if you wanted. I'll def. post a pix later!

    I think the Amarante is the most gorgeous colour. I love to look at it. If I haden't recently gotten the mono. and Suhali zippy wallets I would have LOVED the zippy in Amarante. I would still like to get it. I saw it after I had gotten the other two, and it was beautiful!

    I guess I'll have to start selling some things on Ebay to finance my obsession!

  15. Sorry for the delay in posting pix. but at least I know how to do it now, sort of!!

    Hope the pix are helpful.