Should I Keep Or Return?

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  2. Return

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  1. Keep?

    I've never done a poll before so I hope this comes out right!
  2. what kind of bag is it

    can we see more pictures, a side view to see the whole thing! :smile: thanks!
  3. I only have 1 more hanging from a door knob so you can see the style of the shoulder strap more easily. It looks newer in this pic but it's the same bag and the pic with me where it looks so distressed is quite accurate. Help! All opinions appreciated!!
  4. Thanks for all your help and I wanted to give you an update: I RETURNED IT!!!
  5. Hm it looks better on the site than it does in the picture :{ I think you're better off returning it, did you get another bag instead?
  6. Much cuter! I like.
  7. Good call! Enjoy the new bag.
  8. Not sure on the first one - def looked better on the website:confused1:
  9. Oooh this one is defintely cuter!
  10. Love the second one!!
  11. Good move. The Merkin bag is much nicer. I didn't even have to vote in the poll!
  12. The Merkin is a much better choice, good call.
  13. Good call on the Lauren Merkin. The first one definitely looked better on the website.