Poll : keep or return?

  1. I bought this bag from Dooney. I was expecting to buy a LV, but I saw this bag and fell in love with it...but I can't now justify purchasing a LV also.

    So I'll have a poll: Keep it or return it? Please let me know your honest opinions of this bag. Would YOU carry it? Do YOU like the style?


  2. It's a cute bag but IMO doesn't compare to LV. I would definitely return it and get the LV but that's just me.
  3. Lv
  4. i agree with Cindi. the LV epi in red is TDF.
  5. i just bought 2 Dooney's recently, and for what you paid for it you probably got a good bag. it all depends on what you're looking for. i like Dooney & Bourke, and i think i'm switching to my red and grey quilted monogram. i love it more and more every time i look at it!
  6. I honestly don't understand these threads. Just the fact that you're starting them pretty much says flat out that you don't love the bag enough to keep it.
  7. Hmm...I'm sorry, but I do love the bag. Does that mean I should not question my purchase?
  8. i like it but there are a lot of better styles out for dooney.
  9. i dont like - go for the LV
  10. it actually looks okay, but i never own a dooney, so can't say much about the quality compared to the price.
  11. The choice is between a Dooney and a LV?:confused1: Absolutely the LV.:yes:
  12. I like the bag but am not crazy about the color. I love how it can be handheld or shoulder though. If you love it, keep it! If this were black or bright red I would carry it.
  13. i think its nice! i like the LV red epi too but i dont know what you paid for this dooney but im sure it was less then an LV epi

    if the Epi is in your budget i would say go for that BUT if its not i think that bag is very nice and a pretty color!
  14. I totally agree with Bessie :yes:
  15. Any way you could keep them both? That'd be my solution!

    If you have to make a choice between the two, I'd say go with the LV.