Poll: JPG shoulder birkin: Great bag or Big mistake?


JPG birkin: yes or no

  1. Yes: I have one and love it

  2. Yes: I dont have one but love it

  3. No: I bought one and dont use it or sold it

  4. No: I dont have and dont want one

  5. Undecided or dont know

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  1. I dont have one and dont at this point have the opportunity to buy one, but would like to decide if to do so if and when the time comes. I would appreciate hearing from owners, former owners and non owners: what do you think? yes or no?

  2. i have agonized over this myself..the shoulder strap is very appealing but getting the bag big enough to be useful (42) makes me nervous that it would be too big.
  3. I had one years ago as I prefer shoulder bags to hand held ones .. but found it to be too heavy and bulky for my tastes.
  4. I voted great bag but I don´t have it. This being said; I am a bit concerned with the width and does that go with everyone´s physique.
  5. It's a bag that you definitely have to try on.
    I was never excited by it until I saw it IRL, in red. Super bag and suits her owner to a T. It's BIG and HEAVY though.
  6. I have one and it is big indeed thus makes it very convenient to find anything in the bag. Especially when it's sitting next to you all opened.
    I can't say I use it very often but when I do I'm liking it a lot and it doesn't seem to be very heavy for me. Obviously I carry it open. Great casual shoulder bag.
    I voted I have one and love it but my crazy love for it has mellowed down after I got it :okay:
  7. How is this even a question?!? I adore mine and will keep it forever!
  8. I've never liked it, and when I saw a red Clemence one on the shelf at my store last year, my dislike was confirmed: it's enormous, terribly heavy and the proportions are wrong, it looks like a big HAC that's been chopped in half! The funny thing was that my SA, after asking what I thought of it, wispered in my ear "I can't stand it either!" Having said this, I know there are many ladies who love it, so this wasn't meant to offend anyone, IJMHO!;) Love ya HL!:heart:
  9. I like it, but tried it on and it looked like I was carrying a suitcase on my shoulder. :p
    It looks great on taller people. :okay:
  10. love it for its unique twist on a classic and i see it as a classic JPG for H.kind of like collectors item. but it is not the most practical bag (lack of pocket content can spill heavy etc) neverthe less adore it
  11. I am not a shoulder bag person generally, so it really doesn't speak to me at all. If I were a shoulder bag person, I would not go for its proportions (or the classic Bombay bag).
  12. Shoulder bags can be appealing if you have kids in tow for certain..however i think this bag might really work best on very tall ladies...If you are tall I think it's chic.
  13. another pro for it that i consider it asa chic shoulder bag. i can not do any casual style whatsoever it all looks wrong on me and shoulder bags in particular tend to look casual the only exception is the shoulder birkin(and the pb)
  14. When I first saw it, I was in love with the concept--its twist on the original design, and the potential practicality of the shoulder option.
    When I tried it on for real, it was too big for my frame. Proportionally it just didn't look right on me. The 42 cm was simply wide, too long, and would have been an issue for me with bumping into things.
    My SA called it "borderline ridiculous" on me. Sounds mean, but it didn't seem so at the time...or maybe it was just the French accent...
  15. If it was downsized by 75% in all directions (like the way you can adjust a Microsoft word document or something) it would be perfect. Eg, 38 cm wide instead of 42.

    I have to admit, I've never thought it looked ridulous carried by anyone tall or short, but the one time I put one on my shoulder in a store, I thought it could be a clumsy bag to carry. Especially in a dense city or on the subway, I fear I would turn into a dangerous instrumentality, bumping into everybody and everything.