Poll:Jimmy Choo's Ramona...which color?


Poll: Ramona, which color black or brown?

  1. Black

  2. Brown

  3. Navy

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  1. I'm about to purchase a JC Ramona, my first initial choice was the black but now I'm kinda liking the brown. So, please give me your input...thanks!
    By the way, I wear alot of black and if I do wear color it's a winter color...every shade of brown, dark blue, etc.
  2. I love the chocolate! It is so rich and gorgeous! I just think it stands out more than teh other colors, and is truly beautiful! Let us know what you decide!
  3. I love the chocolate and the navy the best I think. I'm sure the black is also great but I just agree that the chocolate looks so rich. And I'm personally a huge fan of navy and I think the bag looks really special in that color.
  4. I think this bag looks fabulous in navy!
  5. Ditto! Navy :love:
  6. Chocolate!!! The color is just luxurious looking. :love:
  7. I can't decide. =(

    I own/love navy but the chocolate is so nice. I don't like it for myself but love it for others (I don't look good with brown bags for some weird reason). I wear my navy all the time with black but both would work. Tough decision but you can't go wrong either way!
  8. I really like the brown! It looks so yummy!
  9. I absolutely adore this bag in NAVY. It's a fabulous color, it's not your standard black or brown and it's perfect, beautiful, stunning!!! everything I ever want in a bag!!!
  10. I have the bag in chocolate and black...and OMG...I purchased the stone color today... I am not a navy girl, but think that color is quite nice. In terms of chocolate or black...I use my chocolate bag more frequently for weekend/play and my black bag more frequently for work. The black looks better than the brown with my more "business" looks. The brown is so rich and luscious...more so than the black really... Pics of the black and brown are posted here...the black is still stuffed with tissue in the pic, so she appears a bit more stiff than IRL. Perhaps Daisy can post the navy...
    JC Ramona Chloe Gladys 006.jpg New Bags 011.jpg
  11. Thank you all for your input....I really appreciate it! This was one of the hardest purse color decisions :Push: ! I looked at the chocolate for the longest time and of course I loved it BUT, I loved the black too much :amuse: ! If they had navy available I would have gotten that one, 2nd choice was black. I love this bag so much, that maybe I'll get the navy when it becomes available.
  12. So, pursemama...Did you purchase black and navy???
  13. OMG, SoCal! Now you've got the triple threat. I had the Stone in my hot little hands at one point and it was VERY hard to turn down. One you feel the leather you are rendered helpless.
  14. i love it in Navy!
  15. I should be shot! I put an inquiry through the website to find out if stone was available internationally...received an email from JC UK saying they could get me one from London... Then, the "voices" really started... I have not even seen the stone IRL, just pics... I told myself that if I decide three Ramona bags is over the top, I can post the stone for sale... It is more likely that I fall in love with the stone and decide to post...let's see...who to sell next as I maintain my determination to have only 5-6 handbags in current rotation??? Not black b-bag city...not JC chocolate or black Ramona...that leaves chocolate Gladys hobo or black pocket paddy...gulp...