Poll - Is she a keeper? Spectator Shoulder Bag in Green

Help me decide on my Green Spectator Shoulder Bag

  • Keep the green spectator shoulder bag

  • Return the green spectator shoulder bag

  • Find a gray spectator shoulder bag

  • They are totally different, keep both :)

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Q luvs tokidoki

In bag heaven
Jul 25, 2007
Help me decide if I should keep this baby!!

I already have the gray large spectator Sabrina.
The shoulder bag does come in gray too, but then I'd have 2 gray bags (if I were to find one).

I do like the shoulder bag style, it's very easy to carry on the shoulder and besides being just leather, it's the Spectator version... :nuts::faint::confused1:

Both bags

Gray version
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Mar 9, 2008
well, i had never given this bag a thought before, but having seen the photo, i say keep it! very different and interesting bag.


Coachie & Minkette
Apr 25, 2009
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I love the sabrina and prefer it in gray to the other style. The green is cute too (though if it were me I don't think I would wear it but that's just my personal style).
Mar 24, 2009
Atlanta, GA
what a great predicament to have!!! no matter what you decide, you will have GORGEOUS bags!!!

i'm in love with the spectator stuff even more now that it has made it to the outlets... i LOVE no ADORE the shoulder bag for it shape and style!! for me, i had to make a decision based on which spectator color combinations i already had... i couldn't justify getting the spectator sabrina or shoulder bag in parchment since i already had the juliannes (i opted for another solid shoulder bag and more solid sabrinas)... since they're missing from my collection, if ANY grey spectator pieces cross my path, they're a goner!!!

how do you feel about the violet multi spectator? maybe you can hunt down a sabrina or julianne in that color combo since it's missing from your spectator family!

good luck with your decision making!
May 13, 2007
Shes a keeper, I absolutely love the spectator stuff even though I dont have any yet! I do hope to find some at my outlet but I only saw a small sabrina and that is way too small for me...but Congrats on your find and good luck with making up your mind, in the end its up to you if you would realy use her!

Coach Ga Ga

Jul 23, 2009
The green is beautiful and sexy. You already have the Gray so I say keep the green. The bag is gorgeous! :smile:

I have the Sabrina Spectator in Parchment/Multi (Green) and I just love the combination.


Buried in a bag...
Nov 3, 2008
I usually love all things green, but the green Coach used on the spectator bags is not a pretty green IMHO. It's too pond scum/mildew/something slimy that I'd poke with a stick green. I like the grey much better, but what matters is what YOU think and prefer!