POLL: If you have $600 to spend at LV, which would YOU pick????


What would YOU buy with $600???? (or risk exchange?)

  1. Exchange for another White MC mini HL - they're cute!!

  2. Epi pochette AND a cles in Vernis/Epi

  3. Damier Speedy 25

  4. White MC pochette

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  1. After reading vuittonhammie's thread on the white MC mini HL bleeding, I'm planning on going into the store this week to see what I can do about mine - i always thought I had just stored it badly! Never thought of it being a defect :crybaby:

    I'm planning on either getting a replacement and running the risk (if it's still in stock in white - don't like the black MC) or trying to get a LV credit and buy something else. What would you pick???

    I personally don't really NEED anything right now, so I can't decide!! (pics from me or borrowed from elux)
    LV white MC mini HL front.JPG pochette epi 360.jpg cles vernis 200.jpg speedy damier 595.jpg pochette mc 570.jpg
  2. I said Damier speedy! IMO, it's the best bang for the buck!:yes:
  3. A black mc pochette. I have nothing from the mc line.
  4. Agree! I also voted for the speedy.
  5. Voted for the speedy. It's the most useful item on your list.
  6. ME TOO! I think that bag looks fab, best out of the selection
  7. It gotta be the Speedy. It's a "must-haVe"
  8. Although I'm not a huge fan of the Speedy, I'd have to say Speedy :yes:
  9. im not a big fan of the speedy..i say go for the mc pochette!! I just got mine today, and i LOVEEEEEE it, hands down the cutest bag ever!!!
  10. :yes: definately the speedy
  11. I'd go with the Damier Speedy 25
  12. Damier Speedy!
  13. I think the Damier Speedy would be the best buy. It is a great size, it is durable, and it looks very classy!
  14. Speedy !! :yes:
  15. I would try to sell the mini hl on ebay and then if u want one bad enough replace it, OR go for the epi pochette and cles in vernis/epi.

    but the speedy is def. more bag for your buck.

    I personally would not get the speedy, be different!