Poll: if it were up to you, what kind of leather would you pick for Monogram pieces?


Which type of leather for Monogram pieces

  1. Vachetta w/ patina & all, I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. Treated vachetta that maintains its original light color or only darken slightly

  3. A darker treated leather that doesn't change color (like the Dentelle line)

  4. Other

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  1. I picked #3, I think the Dentelle handles are perfection. Too bad I don't like the design.
  2. tobago leather instead of canvas, like the mono printed on the leather:drool:
  3. Black/hazel/cream patent leather...
  4. I do like the darker colour.. but I'd rather it turned dark naturally... but I don't like worrying about stains until it darkens XD
  5. I like the already treated handles too! Less maintanence and a pretty color!
  6. i wouldn't change a thing. the vachetta is signature LV. though i would also like a separate line with black leather trims and silver hardware like from the Men's F/W 2004 collection too :tup:
  7. I would like the darker treated leather that doesn't change color (such as the Dentelle Line).

    I hate it when you just buy a Brand New LV and it is raining outside ..... then you have to cover it so it won't get tons of dark spots all over the vachetta.

    Grrrr, it is a pain at times. *sigh*
  8. Treated vachetta that maintains its original light color or only darken slightly
  9. I voted for some type of pebbled leather (like on the mini lin stuff)!
    I love how my Dentelle handles are dark...but so fragile. I used it once and already a scratch on one of the handles.
  10. I think this is why the mirage/degrade speedies are so exciting -- the handles are black or red (not to mention the mono is that fabulous degrade). Some of this summer's LE multicolor bags also played with strap and trim color (cobalt blue, hot pink) and they looked great. I think it would be too expensive to keep up though because I'd need MC's with trim in just about every color. Wonder how black or white would look...
  11. please make something so all vachetta stays light.
  12. Black leather like on the F/W 2007 bags!
  13. I picked the first one. I wouldn't change a thing. :no:
  14. i picked the first one, i think its kind of cool that the leather changes, it kind of makes things personal!!! :smile:
  15. I voted number two where the vachetta is treated to maintain it's light color and only get a little darker.