POLL: I hope this is final! cerf tote vs expandable flap. color?

  1. I hope this is going to be final. I've been so indecisive in my new purchase. The reason behind is I've bought 4 chanels in one month. But I really need this.

    Please vote: cerf tote vs expandable flap and which color?


  2. Oh wow, this is a tough one!
    What do you already have? Also, do you like open bags or flaps better? The White Expandable Flap is gorgeous! (actually ALL the colors are!) but it is more of a shoulder bag AND has the flap, so I personally bought the Black Cerf with Gold CC lock as I prefer no flap and more of a hand held myself.
    Can't go wrong with either one of these tho! Good Luck!
  3. Thanks to be the first one to answer.
    Well, forgot to tell. I've got a red lambskin classic flap with new chain, dark silver reissue 2.55 size 225, black evening bag with square quilt, camelia leather flower at one end of the chain, black caviar timeless clutch, pending black leather baby cabas. So...oops! It should be five la!

    But, do you think it's difficult to maintain the white of the expandable flap? i.e. do I need a lot of babying and how??

    Thanks for your suggestion.


  4. I vote for Cerf. It's completely different style with other bags you have.
  5. I have the expandable flap in black but am thinking I should return it if I can find the Timeless tote in black, mainly b/c the expandable is too big for me and it's sortof a pain to open the turnkey clasp to get in and out. But it is a fabulous bag (leather is tdf), tres chic...but just not for me. I'm not sure what the cerf tote looks like.
  6. cerf. blk or beige, i gues that doesn't help much.
  7. agreed. cerf is totally different from your current collection. go for it.
  8. oh wow, I just reread your question. I also loved loved loved the white expandable flap when I saw it IRL but I'm such a klutz that I'm banned from wearing white anything. I would be terrified of getting it dirty as soon as I leave the store. For that kind of money I'd want something less high maintenance!
  9. black cerf
  10. Thank you for all your comment.

    But if I choose cerf, should it be black? And gold or silver clasp?

    If expandable, what color? Black? White? Beige? Navy Blue? Sorry, I don't have any more stock in my place in HK, so I cannot compare. If I need it, I have to buy it in USA ar!!!

    Many many thanks!!!
  11. I was at Saks today and they had a ton of stuff. I saw the expandable in all their glorious colors. I think it is most beautiful in black or beige. I'm not allowed to carry light color bags but in this style I would make an exception. It's a gorgeous bag. You will love it.
  12. here is a pic of the White Expandable Flap - IRL it is more of a creamy white - the Beige and Navy are also pretty!

  13. also, the Cerf Tote in Gold has the CC lock and the Silver has the Mademoiselle Lock ...

  14. It seems you like different colored bags, so I think if you are getting the Black Cabas you might want a Brown or Beige Cerf .... and for the Expandable White, Beige or Navy ....
    White would be high maintenance tho I would guess, but it sure was pretty :p
  15. expandable flap i must say.