poll: i got my 2 bags, but confuse.. pls help me decide...


antra or perle

  1. keep the anthra

  2. keep the perle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Ladies, i usually around at chanel forum. but i really fall in love with LV clouds collection. I ordered 2 nimbus pm in both color, anthra and perle ( grey). just got them today. now, its a decision time. which one is worth to keep. they both beautiful. but i will not keep 2 same style bag. please help me decide... ( FYI: i have stratus pm in beige).
    thank you so much in advance for your opinion.. :love:
  2. modeling pics? ;) Which one would match more closely with your wardrobe?
  3. hi dusty paws, i wear lots of grey, black, brown, and cream.... sometimes red or pink. lol... should i do modelling piccies? hmm....they both look gorgeous with black wardrobe which i wear a lottt...
  4. I think this really is a matter of personal opinion on which one you like better. That being said, I say go for the perle! I personally am not a fan of the anthracite because I just don't like the colour. I think the perle is such a nice shade. Maybe it depends on what you will most likely wear it with.
  5. Yup, it's all about personal preferrence. It would help us give you our opinions with modelling pictures though.
  6. My vote is for the anthracite. I just love that color!
  7. I have to choose too and don't know which one to get. they're both beuatiful...try them on with your different clothes and see which one works best.
  8. Perle!!
  9. thanks ladies. hope the vote keep coming. :p
    i will try to mix and match with my outfit.. and see which one is keeper.. they both super cute..
  10. I'd keep the Anthracite since you already have beige colored Olympe bag.
  11. perle is prettier imo.
  12. I say Perle, because since you already have the Stratus in Beige (the darker of the two colors), go for the lighter of the two on this one.
  13. i love the perle!
  14. i have the Anthracite, so i'm biased. but it goes with everything, and it doesn't get dirty as easily
  15. i wish i can keep both...:sweatdrop::sweatdrop: