POLL: Hurry up and help me! GH white PT or GH natural PT with $100 premium?

  1. Hi, ladies,

    I would like your opinions on below....

    Would you go with Part Time White with GH


    Part Time Natural with GH? with $100 premium on it?

    My friend's friend got her GH Natural PT from BalNY not very long ago and she needs money so in hurry that she wants to sell it but since it's a rare color she wants to put $100 premium on the bag.(She claims she has never used it and it's still got the tag on it and everything)

    Or should I just keep this white one PT, GH that's one the way?

    HELP~!!!! (My mom and DH thinks white is actually prettier than natural and the gold hardware stands out better but natural is such a rare color and it's sold out everywhere, so I am so torn...is it actally worth that premium?)
  2. Naturel is worth the premium, in my opinion. I would go w/Naturel.
  3. ray, which color do you prefer? Keep/get the bag that YOU want, not what others think you should...
  4. I would buy the natural but which color do you want?
  5. OK, I probably wouldn't pay the premium - JMO
  6. Only $100 premium on naturel? I'd totally do it! I much prefer the softness of Naturel over white. Plus, I think Naturel in Part-Time is one of the few colors/styles that look 100% completely and totally awesome with GH. Lastly, I believe Naturel PT with GH is one of the "rarer" combos of styles/colors. I'd jump on it!
  7. ITA! I love the natural/gh combo.:yes:
  8. You mean she's charging YOU $100 over what she paid? I wouldn't pay that, just for spite. You're not an eBay customer.

    That said, I like Natural best, but I'm biast!
  9. This is your decision but i like the Natural better (obviously).:p
  10. Did I really just type BIAST? *snort* how embarrasing. :noggin:
  11. Which bag did you want originally? Did you want the natural but Bal was sold out? If you initially wanted the white then stick with what you wanted..........they both are GORGEOUS!!!!!
  12. I think they are both really pretty with GH.
  13. You should get the Natural but try to get it without the premium! And don't buy it unseen!!!
  14. I love the white, but the natural you can use in the f/w more. Go for the natural!
  15. I would prefer natural, because I wouldn't be as concerned about it getting dirty and would be more versatile.