Poll: How Often Do You Visit tPF??

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How Often Do You Visit tPF?

  1. Once A Day

  2. Once A Week

  3. Once A Month

  4. Constantly...Many Times A Day

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. 1. Once A Day
    2. Once A Week
    3. Once A Month
    4. Constantly...Many Times A Day

    I feel like I am visiting this site CONTANTLY....(and I'm not even shopping for a bag at this moment!) How about you?
  2. Even though it's a relatively new discovery for me, I find myself visiting constantly.

    It might be the procrastination factor in trying to avoid working on my dissertation.:nogood:
  3. When I first joined, it was like once a month...then I discovered the non-handbag subforums and now it's several times a day!

  4. Same here!
  5. Constantly :yahoo:
  6. Too much! Constantly on most days. :wtf:
  7. Yep, I check in regularly a few times a day if I'm anywhere near a computer, which I normally am! :yes:
  8. Yep, that would be me, too!:yes:
  9. Constantly - about 4 times a day, if not more!
  10. Whew!!! It's a relief to know I am not alone!! Whatever did I do on computer before March 2007???:party:Keep your experiences coming because I'm hanging on your every word!!
  11. LOL

    At my office, I'm on my computer most of the day (financial reports / acctg. etc) I keep tpf open all day at work, and minimize it. Then max it several times a day when no one is around!
  12. Same here. It makes the workday go by a little faster.;)
  13. Many many times a day, both at work :sneaky: and at home :smile:.
  14. I'm on here too much, love it, when I'm home, I actually sometimes have to set a timer and limit myself to get things done, otherwise half a day's gone by before I know it, scary....:nuts:
  15. I can't seem to stop myself from popping in on a regular basis:wlae: Hello to HandbagAngel...there seem to be several Cavalier lovers/owners on the forum:heart: