Poll: How Many Teens Are In This Forum?

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what age group are you in?

  1. I am a teenager (13 - 19)

  2. I am in my 20s (still young and pert!)

  3. I am in my 30s (seriously re-evaluating all my life choices!)

  4. in my 40s (really don't give a rats ass anymore about what others think!)

  5. in my 50s (what? me retire?)

  6. 90 + (checking out whats new in designer iron lungs.)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay ladies, lets try this again. Just trying to get a read for all the youngins' in here....(if you already participated in the original thread I started, please post again if you will!)

  2. I voted! But I havent been a young 'un in a loooong time.
  3. I'm 21!
  4. I wish someone where 90+ That would be AWESOME!!!
  5. I'm 18 :p
  6. I just turned 16 this november
  7. I'm 28.
  8. i'm 23:biggrin:
  9. I'm 17.
  10. I just turned 30!!:crybaby:
  11. I'm still in my 20s.....well at least for 8 more months...then I'll be joining the 30s group.:heart:
  12. 38 in 1 week!!!:nuts:
  13. I'm 28, I'll be 29 on Jan 18th. whoa, I better go party while I still can:graucho:
  14. I will be there soon, in about 73 years :p
  15. thats cool! I added the other age groups cause I was curious about the ratio as well...