POLL: How many of you....

  1. .... match the color of your toki bag to your outfit? :graucho:
  2. lol not me that's for sure. I don't match outfits to bags ... I just wear whatever and doesn't matter to me which bag I carry. :biggrin:
  3. I do. I also match if I have the same characters. For example...I match my Citta Ciao (with centered Pink-haired biker chic) to my I Love LA tee with the pink-haired biker chic on the back. I have the tank with the Indian Flower couple that are featured on the L'Amore print. I also have the Adios rocket man tee which I will match with my Transporto Zucca when it comes from Pulse. :yahoo:
  4. ahh I'd do that if I owned any toki tees .. haha

    argh it's really difficult typing today wearing a wrist and thumb brace :cursing:
  5. I try to as much as possible....but sometimes I'm just like eff it, I wanna use this bag and it doesn't match but oh well! haha.
  6. Toki bags are soo colorful that they always somehow match to my clothes. So I dont try to match it, it just does :graucho:
  7. Not on weekdays when I work since I don't want to bother with switching out bags every day, but I do on the weekends if I leave the house for any reason.
  8. I don't know how I could match something to monkeys, devils, cactus people, living milk cartons and cute grip-reaper-ish guys! ;)
  9. I do! I was carrying out my spiaggia dolce for the first time last night and I wore a pink cami to match the colorful pink stripes on the bag :biggrin:
  10. Ha! Ha! It's more like matching my outfit to my toki bags! :lol:I will decide which bag I would like to take with me that day and then pick an outfit to go with it e.g bright green or pink to go with L'amore and blue or brown to go with Pirata. :wlae: Maybe I am the kinda of girl who picks outfits to match my accesories coz I will decide what shoes to wear on a workday and try to have a matching outfit for it. Am I the only :nuts: who do this??!
  11. You are NOT the only one. I'm a 30-something and have a desk job... so my purse selection during the week does not include Toki's. But as a new bag addict, I find that more often, I decide what bag I'm going to wear that day and then pick the outfit to match.
  12. All I've got is an Amore BV, but I wear it either with my tokidoki hoodie, or like, black. Or red. Which are the only colors in my wardrobe anyway lol...
  13. Not really. I just use what I want.
  14. LOL!!! And I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do this! :lol: Like if i just bought a new pair of shoes, earrings, bags, i'll try to find an outfit to wear with it!
  15. If I'm wearing something bright and colorful, I always use a toki bag. It's good that they're not just one color, because they go with anything. If I'm wearing more earth tones, though, I opt for a different style bag~