Poll - How many of you would join me boycott eBay for the upcoming changes?


Will you boycott eBay in February, no buying and selling?

  1. Yes, not buying and selling on eBay in February.

  2. No, will continue to buy and sell as usual.

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  1. I am sick and tired of eBay. The already imperfect system and costly fees (including Paypal) have stopped me from selling on eBay often. Now, with the upcoming changes, increased fees, complicated and unreasonable feedback system, and unreasonable holding of my payment for extended time, I am just fed up. I vow to stop selling and buying on eBay in February, or longer if necessary, until eBay reverts back to the old ways or proposes better changes.

    Would you boycott eBay in February, too?
  2. Wow, I got the email today of the changes and was excited at first...then I read how much more the final value fees would be! Big deal, they save us .60 on a listing fee then charge us extra 3% on final value. I didn't read all about the feedback system yet, or the ability to hold payments- Yikes!
    Did this happen because their CEO left? I think if boycotting would help, I would do it, but I don't know if it will. For now I will..OK:cursing:
  3. I doubt it. She just left like two days ago, right? They couldn't possibly have put that together so fast. Maybe she left because she knew she would take a lot of heat due to the changes.
  4. I thought she was leaving in March?
  5. I wish I could afford to boycott Ebay. I have too much stuff I've already invested in to sell. I did launch a website, but unfortunately it will take awhile for it to be search able. So until then, I'm stuck with FeeBay.
  6. I'm in! Maybe the ladies here should get together and come up with an kick A$$ ebay type websight!
  7. I'm just getting rid of what stuff I have left (hopefully) before the changes take effect.
  8. Me too,I'm getting rid of some things then I'm done.This blows!:cursing:
  9. It's hard to boycott when there are no good alternatives. Amazon marketplace has more faults and is slow-paced with less traffic, ioffer is all fakes, and others are not well known. If google comes up with a good platform, I think boycotting ebay would be super easy.
  10. I would boycott too, if we had a feasible alternative. Someone should start a handbag only auction site...with people who can monitor every listing. If mods can monitor this forum so well, and keep things running as smoothly as they do and know when to intervene...why can't a flippin auction site like ebay get it together....
  11. I am forced to raise prices. I cannot afford to stop selling.

    What we need to do is educate sellers on what the fees cost them. The sellers who undercut us have to learn to use fee calculators. They are going to be losing even more money in Feb if they don't figure out their fees before they list!
  12. What concerns me more than a fee increase is the ability for PAYPAL TO HOLD FUNDS FOR 21 DAYS! I have less than 100 FB but it is all positive. I think they are making sellers with less than 100 fb get a merchant account as well as our Paypal acct. I really don't want to have to set up another merchant acct. just for selling a few things. i think it would be costly! I am bummed!
  13. Ebay is getting out of control. They do whatever they want because they know we will continue to buy/sell through them. I am in though. Hopefully it will make a difference.
  14. Sorry to be a wet blanket but you need people to boycott in the millions for it to have any effect on eBay. Until there is a truly viable alternative ebay will consistently be able to pull this kinda thing because they have the monopoly.

    As far as I can see it there are only two companies that could take them on, Google or Microsoft.
  15. Ebay is not forcing anyone to use them. If you are angry stop selling on Ebay.