Poll: How many of you use PoupetteLuxe.com to buy LV?

  1. Or even just to look? I sell & buy on there. Been eyeing a few pieces that I should not be buying. :cry:
  2. I browse on there to see what people are selling. Have not purchased anything from there - but, it is tempting.
  3. I browse on there but I have not bought anything yet...I have thought about selling there.
  4. i have browse on there long time ago, but never anymore :P
    not many choices
  5. i browse sometimes but i've never bought something. the selection is not so large...
  6. I bought a brand new Audra there last fall that I've been saving for summer and I browse sometimes. I think the selection is growing, they used to just have 2 or 3 pages of LV, now they have 5 or 6.
  7. I just looked and although I'm tempted, most of the items are in Singapore...I'm afraid to purchase out of the country.
  8. I've only seen the site once when somebody on here posted a link.:shame:
  9. I just took a look. Might check back there every now and then.
  10. I find that some of the pricing isn't very reasonable.. so no, not as of yet.
  11. I look regularly to see what they've got , but i haven't bought anything yet. Their prices do seem to be a bit higher -- although of course there are no authenticity issues at all -- but you still get that assurance from mypoupette and other approved buyers on ebay, and lots of times at better prices.
  12. I think the prices are high. Is this because of the percentage they have to pay MP? Are the fees high for sellers?
  13. I bought an LV bag there from a seller in Singapore. It was in way worse shape than described and pictured, and it stunk horribly from mothballs. I ended up throwing it out into the garbage after trying to get the stink out for 6 months. :crybaby:

    But that wasn't the fault of the auction site, just the seller, whom I've never purchased from again - on there or eBay.

    There are some really nice items on that site - but a bit higher than what you can find on eBay. :yes:

    Just make sure that if you are planning to buy, ask about any mothball smells.