Poll: How many of you own multiple colors of one bag?

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  1. If so, what is it and in what colours?
  2. I have 4 Paddington Medium Satchels in
    Whisky, Chocolate, Jeans Moyen and Rouge Red.

    I have 2 Medium Edith Bags in Whisky and Chocolate.

    I have bonded with each of them :tender:
  3. Hmmmm, I can tell you what I want!!!

    I have one chocolate paddington and would LOVE a cream based paddington (ivory/blanc/craie). I know a lot of Chloe PF'ers have doubles or triples of the paddingtons and Ediths.
  4. OMG I don't own it, but I would love a chocolate or whiskey paddy to add to my Mousse paddy! These are addictive!
  5. Well, I only own 1 which is my blanc paddy. And thats good enough for me.
  6. rans, that is what I said when I first started out with my choco paddy...now I want one in ivory/blanc, grenat, mousse, blue nuit...lol.:choochoo:
  7. So it's not insane to buy an Ivory Betty even I just ordered the choclate and hasn't even delivered to me yet? heheh

    I just want to know if after a few months when I got sick of it, i will be able to unload it without losing alot of $$. :smile:
  8. As long as you enjoy using it, then that is all that matters! Its a fabulous bag! You will love it!
  9. I don't think it is crazy if you end up carrying both a lot! The only thing is if you bought it at a sale price you may not be able to sell it for more than that sale price (especially if the Betty continues to be on sale throughout the year).

    For instance, a lot of paddington owners are having a hard time unloading their paddingtons for a price even close to their purchasing price. These babies retail for $1600 and they are selling for 1K or less. I think a part of the reason for this is because of all the sales.
  10. ^^^No, it's not insane...esp. at these prices! I have a large Chocolate Betty, and I have the yellowish/tan color on it's way. Not sure what the color is called but NM calls it Chamois.
  11. Chamois is like "butta". Such a sinfully decadent color!
  12. Are the paddy's still on sale? this board is evil!!
  13. All LV, in white and mono
    Hmmm I seem to have entered the realm of Chloe... sorry!!
  14. I went overboard on the paddies last year. I have tan, choco, antracite, blanc and a mousse small pocket. I already sold an original vanilla and blue nuit box. :wlae: Right now I'm using my balenciaga bags....
  15. I have 2 paddies: grenat and bleu nuit.
    I would LOVE something in the cream family and possibly a brown...and even a mousse.
    I just LOVE this bag so much that whenever I wear certain outfits that don't go with the red or blue I find myself thinking "if only I had a *insert color to match* paddy to go with what I'm wearing" LOL

    I've been lusting after a b-bag and that seems like another one that it would be VERY easy to fall into "needing" multiple colors. I already have 4 colors on my want list. Of course everyone needs a shade of red, one of blue, one neutral brown and one neutral cream...and then basic black...oh CRAP, that's five...