Poll: How many of you buy a MJ bag(s) because you can't pass up a great deal?


Have you ever bought a MJ you didn't NEED because of a great deal?

  1. Hells ya! My MJ collection knows no bounds.

  2. Nope. I'm very conservative in my MJ selections.

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  1. I was curious because I know that all of those in this forum admire the Marc Jacobs brand, and find many of his purses attractive. I'm taking a poll to see how many of us have purchased bags we wouldn't have normally picked up/paid full price for because of a fantastic discount...either on eBay or in stores.
  2. there are many mj bags that i really like, but don't love enough to buy at full price. the sales are a perfect opportunity for me to score great deals on those bags. there have been many times where i had the sales goggles on and was swayed by a big discount, but i've managed to talk myself out of it. all in all, i've never purchased a mj sale or not that i ended up regretting.
  3. I agree...I'd def. think about getting a particular MJ bag if it was on the sale (i.e. the Lola). I wasn't really into the bag at first but taking a look at it again, there's a lot of good deals on that bag. I'd pick one up. :yes:
  4. I just wish I could find a great deal!! I know I just overpaid on a peanut ines! But what do you do when your wants get the best of you!:smile::yes::okay:
  5. I don't buy collection bags nearly as often as I buy MbMJ. I won't buy a collection bag just because it's on sale. If there's one I'm particularly in love with, I won't hesitate to pay full price, but like I said that's not often at all.
  6. i have 4 stams because they were such great deals, but i only ended up using one of them

    :p:p sales are my weakness....
  7. I think I'm more practical. I tend to steer towards bags I know I will use often. If i see a great deal, I'll seriously consider it, but probably won't buy it if it's a color out of my scope... I guess I'm kind of boring cuz I liek to keep things practical :rolleyes:
  8. I totally agree. Also it takes me time to warm to certain bags and lucky for me I'm in love with them just in time for the sales. :upsidedown:
  9. I agree with this.
  10. I'd say initially I was excited about MJ sales and would buy a bag simply because it was on sale(Peacock Blue Sophia and Carmen) and later regretted. After learning that lesson, I now know to decide which bags I like best each season and buy them at full price or wait until I see them discounted. I know to stay away from any bags on sale that I didn't previously like. I saw tons of great deals this year, and luckily I didn't fall for the sale goggles. It helps keep my wallet heavy!!
  11. i have yet to buy one at full price. i find great deals often and only buy the ones that i really like. i just started my mj collection late nov and am addicted. i have 4 total - all on sale and great deals (except for the choc patchwork stam).
  12. I've never paid full retail for any of my MJ- I'll rarely let myself pay full price for anything, unless I REALLY love it. I think this is partly because my father had a retail business, I realize what huge markups there are.
  13. All my MJs were impulse buys
  14. I've gotten better with not buying stuff just because they're on sale. It's hard not to get caught up in the buying frenzy especially with all the nice bags we see from our fellow pf'ers at such great deals. Luckily, I've been able to resist and just go for stuff I really, really want.
  15. I am guilty of doing this but I usually return it later once the fever has passed. :smile:

    I try to plan ahead, wait for the bag I want to go onsale, and snatch it up. :smile: