POLL: How many LV wallets do you have?

  1. Wondering how many each one has. Do you use all of them on a regular basis?

    I have 3:

    Damier Koala Change Purse (small)
    Vernis Ludlow Noisette


    Monogram Canvas Alexandra (which I just got and am still wondering whether to keep or exchange for a Koala Multicolore White)
  2. Three koalas (pomme, white MC, Azur)
  3. I have 17. I swap them around whenever I feel like it.

    Monogram Zipped Compact Wallet
    Monogram Perfo Zipped Compact Wallet (Fuchsia)
    Vernis Snapped Billfold and Coin Purse (Pomme D'Amour)
    Vernis French Purse (Amarante)
    Vernis Ludlow (Rouge)
    Mini Lin Snapped Billfold and Coin Purse (Dune)
    Damier Koala Coin Purse (Ebony)
    Trunks & Bags Round Coin Purse (Beige)
    Epi Portefeuille Elastic Wallet (Lilac)
    Epi Z Change Purse (Black)
    Epi Coin Purse (Black)
    Epi Ludlow (Myrtille)
    Dentelle Porte-Monnaie Billets Cartes Credit (Silver)
    Dentelle Ludlow (Gold)
    Monogram Mat Ludlow (Noir)

    And strictly speaking not wallets but can be used like one:

    Multicolor Pochette GM (White)
    Vernis Flat Pouch (Pomme D'Amour)

    You could say small leather goods are my thing!
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  4. Four:
    Mono Portefeuille Accordeon
    Mono Porte Monnaie Plat
    Damier zipped compact
    pink CB Porte Monnaie Plat

    I use the Damier almost every day.
  5. I have two:

    - damier zip compact
    - lilac epi snapped billfold and coin wallet

    and I am planning to get my third one - Damier Azur Koala

    I also have the damier business card holder and the framboise vernis cles (I will use these when I am using smaller purse)

    I switch my wallets from time to time. :smile:
  6. 2: Mc Cozy, Groom Poch Wallet
    3 if I can count my pearl cles..LOL..

  7. That's a huge wallet collection! :nuts:
  8. I have two real ones. 1. Mono snapped billfold and coin wallet 2. Azur Damier zippy wallet. I also have the Mono business card holder that I sometimes use as a wallet.
  9. I have 6:
    Mono Porte Tressor
    MC White Porte Tressor
    Mini Lin Ebene
    Pomme Zippy
    Framboise Ludlow
    Koala Mono
  10. I have one, a mono zippy. I'd love another but I'm on a long term ban.
  11. I have a Peppermint Vernis Ludlow.

    Am thinking of getting a Multicolor PTI
  12. I only have one, a french wallet. I plan on getting more though as I really love it!
  13. I only have one :shame: and i love it to bits :biggrin:
  14. just 1- damier koala
  15. I have four. I definitely don't love them all equally. My fav = framboise ludlow. I haven't had a chance to use my newest addition, amarante french purse....but I'm drooling over it.