poll: how long have you been collecting?

  1. it doesn't have to be just handbags. it can scarves, bracelets, etc. i was just wondering as to the duration of everyone else's passion for this fabulous brand. for me - it's been roughly 2 years and the passion is as strong as ever.
  2. I got my first Hermès (a Kelly) in 1980, age 23, a present from my Mother...and I've never stopped since...but I have to say that I've always bought mainly bags: I have several scarves, and have sold a few aswell, but my priority are the bags...:wlae:
  3. more then a decade then had to stop and now back on buying business :smile:
  4. Got my first Hermes scarf when I was 16 (I had to save for weeks - part-time job at a video store!!).....I'm now 32, so half my life!!!!!:yes:
  5. I have to say that I am not a collector. At least in my definition of what a collector is.

    I have a love for Hermes leather goods first and then the beautiful scarves. I remember back when I was 16 and loving a Hermes Kelly; and that would be over half my life. It is truly an appreciation of fine goods.

    Also, in my Italian background...I come from a long chain of leather cratfsmen by trade. I grew up with men who had a workbench and all the tools to repair leather goods. They worked in Italy generation after generation and then brought their trade here to the states. So, I am aware since my childhood of handmade quality goods.
  6. My whole childhood, I somehow knew Hermes was the best although I knew it was WAY out of my league...until the past few years when my career took off. I did get my first scarf about 10 years ago (in my late 20s) and I have about 4 now. Perfumes were next - I have the current (and a few of the rarer) Hermes fragrances. Leathergoods was last (saved the best for last!) and that just started at the end of last year with the purchase of a wallet, agenda, and a Bolide. Now the leather goods are going full force as I have a few ordered and many on my wish list!

    I love their RTW - but way too pricey given I don't like to charge my luxuries and if I spent on RTW, I'd have nothing left for my bags.
  7. I bought my first Hermes (a Kelly Watch and extra strap) in Beverly Hills 6 years ago.
  8. I remember the first time I saw Hermes. Actually at the Barneys at SCP, (1994 or 95). I bought one of the 'equestrian' blazers. In hind sight, I believe they sold bags too....didn't know any better. I was only 23, and Chanel was all the rage. If only I bought a bag back then.....
  9. I started collecting the scarves when I was 21, although I had wanted one since I was 15. I only got my Kelly this year, although I also wanted one of those since I was 15. I don't think I will ever have the funds be a serious collector of the bags, I will probably only be able to buy one or two more. I think I will collect the scarves forever. I love them.
  10. A little over three years ago, I got my first scarf. First bag about 2.5 years ago. :smile:
  11. Oh Dear, I'm almost too embarrassed to say....

    I've wanted a Kelly since seeing a pic of Grace carrying her combo years and years ago. Of course, I never thought I'd be in the position to actually OWN one myself. It hasn't been until this year that I decided that life is too short and I took the plunge with my first Kelly....Chocolate Togo Sellier and I haven't looked back! I've gotta make up for lost time!!!!!!
  12. I have been in love with Hermes for as long as I can remember having been a huge Grace Kelly fan and loving the Kelly before I even knew what a Kelly was. The first time I actually went to Hermes was about five years ago in Vegas. My DH and I had just finished some Gelato and were walking around the Bellagio and we passed this beautiful store. We spent forever looking at each little thing and DH was impressed with the enamel bracelets. We both thought they were so beautiful. It was our anniversary so he bought one for me and it was and still is my most treasured posession. :love: So, that's what started it all. But I didn't start buying scarves until this year and I got my first bag this year too. (Hmmm perhaps because of hanging around all my favorite enablers? :winkiss: ) :heart: :heart:
  13. It has been three years since I got my first Hermes, my blue jean trim.
  14. since about 1994 started with a kelly!
  15. I beg to differ, avan, I'd have to say it started with your grandmother's Kelly.:girlsigh: She left you a legacy. I wish someone had bequeathed me an Hermes bag.