poll: how long have you been a chanel buyer?

  1. when did you get your first chanel? i'm fairly new to the chanel world, my very first chanel was a gift from DF in mid October, which was the black patent CC cambon tote... bought my second one in Dec, i don't know the name of it, but it's a brown hobo with diamond stitching?, and last week just purchased my third, med. classic flap in blk caviar with gold HW.
  2. I am new to the Chanel world also! My fiance bought me my first pair of chanel sunnies for xmas. I just bought my first bag before the price hike. I believe I am offically hooked!
  3. You have the diamond stitch tote in brown!! I really wanted it in that color and I love the bag. In answer to your question, I bought my first piece of Chanel in college-clothing to interview in. I only started buying the bags about five years ago.
  4. I got my Cabas in December and have been completely obsessed since! I have bought two more in January and am now really obsessing on a third : )
  5. so am i, i'm totally addicted. i want everything! and this board doesn't help either, it feeds my addictions
  6. just about a year now!
    I don't have too much; 2 purses, a wallet and 2 pairs of sunnies:love:
  7. it may not be the same diamond stitching u r thinking about. i don't know all the names and terminologies yet, but the stitching are kinda diamond shaped, so i'm calling it diamond stitching.
  8. 3 years now :smile:

  9. I know ahhh!! lol
  10. I have a wallet and two pairs of shoes. Just started my obsession. I do love their make-up and my skin has never felt and looked better.
  11. Got my first cambon wallet last Oct, first classic flap at the end of this Jan. That's all I have till now. But I already started to dream about patent reissue...
  12. 2 years and counting!!
  13. bought my first bag f/w 2005 and have fallen harder in love ever since!
  14. Since 2002, but never considered classic flaps until now. Maybe I'm getting older because now I want just timeless and classic pieces.
  15. I have been bought chanel costume jewelry for at least ten years, maybe longer (my fav chanel stuff) . . . chanel glasses probably eight years? I am new to buying the handbags . . . drawn to them because of new styles and "new" image of classic bags and tPF. . .