Poll: How does your DH/BF/SO carry your purse?

When you ask your [Husband/Boyfriend/SO/Hubby/DH, etc.] to hold your purse, how does he hold it?

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Dec 12, 2006
New Orleans
Okay...we've all been there. Trying to do whatever task is at hand, and we need to be "purse free" for a few seconds or maybe for a longer period of time. You have a perfectly able and capable Husband/Hubby/DH/Boyfriend/Significant Other (pronouns not important and not the focus here) that can hold your purse for you so you can life for a few minutes without it obstructing previously mentioned task. You ask/tell this person to hold your purse, and surrender one of your prize possessions to him for a few moments. How does he hold it?

I think I've covered most of the options, but by all means, if I have left one out - please leave it in the comments.
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Jul 31, 2009
Husby usually refuses to carry my purse unless it's obvious that I need help for a moment. When we met, my most expensive purse was $60 so he would carry it lackadaisically. Now that he knows the prices of my bags and knows that they average $2500 apiece and carries them closer to his body. :lol:


Dec 30, 2019
My boyfriend tends to carry my purse in a safe manner since he knows that they are expensive. He also knows I’m kind of OCD when it comes to setting it down in certain places so he also takes those precautions. Also funny thing sometimes my boyfriend is more on top of looking out for my bag than I am at times hahaha :P
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Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
Le BF doesn't mind holding my purse for a while. (Mind you, this is the guy that buys me sanitary towels and hair color from the supermarket if I can't go, so he's basically not afraid of anything.) He carries my bag carefully but it's always in his hand like a shopping bag. He sure as heck won't carry it in the crook of his arm or on the shoulder.


Apr 25, 2016
He will hold it if I ask, but in an unnatural manner. If it’s got a long strap and no handles he will bunch up the strap in his fist and let it dangle. Never on the shoulder. If it has handles he will hold it like a gym bag. He also doesn’t move much when he’s got my bag. I’ve found him in the exact same pose when returning from the restroom. He does know how expensive my bags are so I think he’s a bit scared actually.


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Aug 31, 2008
He’s quick to hold it if I need help, and he knows it doesn’t go on the floor; should be watched and not left alone. He’ll carry it naturally: if it’s a top handle, he’ll carry it like that. (I don’t think that I’ve ever needed help with a shoulder bag though) Although my bag might carry his sunglass case, DH often carries his own bag. When he is casual, he likes a NS crossbody like a 33 evelyne sellier (structured with no obvious H) or an etoupe or black clemence leather ghurka with no logo). When he took a bag for work, he preferred hand held so as not to mess with the shoulder of his jacket. When we go shopping, I am in charge of his stuff, so same goes for me.
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Feb 10, 2017
Like never?! He'll hold it for me if I ask, but after that one time he put one of my most treasured bags on the floor of the car, I think we will both do what ever we can never to have to suffer through that trauma experience again. Albeit for different reasons :lol:

Keeping his wallet and phone in my bags, though? Never a problem :smile:
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