Poll: How do you wear your flaps...

  1. on your bags? Tucked in (Kelly), flapping about & hangin (Birkin), or strapped up...etc.

    Ok now purge all dirty thoughts from your heads, ladies (and gents). After all it's Easter.:p

    Btw, mine are usually flappin about...but through those little metal rings (forgot the name)

    I'm just curious as to how everyone else wore theirs.
  2. Strapped up....
  3. Flaps up when I'm landing, flaps down when I'm ascending.....................
  4. On my birkin, the flap is tucked inside, the strap is open, but through the glides...
  5. On my Kelly, I keep the straps shut, but on my Birkin, I tuck the flap inside and keep the straps open. It's easy access that way, because I'm in and out of that bag all the time.
  6. Straps flapping on the Birkin.

    Straps strapped on the Kelly.
  7. Straps flapping on Birkins and straps flapping underneath Kelly flap.
  8. Same here, although if I'm not carrying too much in the Birkin, I'll hook the straps on the turnkey w/the bag open.
  9. That's what I did today... seemed to work really well.
  10. Depends...flap tucked and straps treaded through the glides but unhooked on birkins...Kelly, just depends on how much is in the bag. But, JPG, I tuck the flap in and put the staps through the glides and into the turnlock. That way I can get into the bag...but under your shoulder it bugs me if they are moving around. Also, makes it keep its shape better.
  11. Same Here!
  12. Ditto for my birkin.
  13. ^^^ me too
  14. Birkin...flap tucked in back...straps flapping...

    Kelly...flap closed...straps flinging under flap...
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Kelly - flaps closed all the way, most of the time.