Poll: Help!! (Pretty Please!?)Which Keyfob?!?!


Which Key Fob Looks Best With My Khaki/Ebony Carly?

  1. The Owl

  2. The Strawberry

  3. The Dangling Hearts

  4. The Patent Pictureframe Heart

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  1. Okay, just got the medium carly last night in khaki/ebony :wahoo
    I was going to get the penguin keyfob but hate to spend the $ on one I will only have on there temporarily and I live in the desert so we dont' have a long winter.. anyway.. I am debating on these charms

    the owl- think it matches great, but is it too matchy?
    the strawberry- I love strawberries but not too sure on the colors together
    the dangling hearts- really cute, once again skeptical on the colors together
    the patent heart- think this would look great, a little hesitant on getting a pic that small

    Any opinions are greatly appreciated, or any other ideas that aren't wintery? TIA!! :tup:

  2. What about the Heart Luggage Tag?? Pink always looks great on brown/black!!!!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! (No pun intended LOL!) I think the luggage tag would look super.

  4. strawberry or the dangling hearts!!! Yeah I agree the owl is too matchy so it probably won't stand out.. :p
  5. I actually like them all, sorry :shame: but I notoriously cannot ever make up my mind. I voted for the owl because I love the matchy colours, he'd look cute too but the strawberry is also adorable! Love the Carly btw!
  6. I say the heart luggage tag OR the heart pic frame....you can take a pic of your kids VERY far away and then cut it down to fit!
  7. I voted for the Owl... Its SO cute!

    I think they would look GREAT together! :tup:
  8. Well I LOVE the luggage tag.. BUT I think it would be too big on it? My carly is the medium and I know that luggage tag is almost 5".. if it were the large carly I would totally go for it but I dunno :shrugs:
  9. Either one of those :smile:
  10. dangling hearts - I have the heart luggage tag and it's perfect for my large carly - dunno how i'd feel about it on an original

    post 304 in the carly club thread has a black medium with the heart luggage tag
  11. What about one of the new initial charms? With the brass hardware? I also think the dice charm would look awesome on there.
  12. the dice would look good, but it's not for me. I looked at the initial charm but I thought with all the C's I couldn't take one more letter! lol
  13. i would go for the patent picture frame heart, the red stands out with the beautiful khaki:tup::yes:
  14. I say the strawberry!!! I have one and it's sooooo cute!!!
  15. Strawberry b/c I am a sucker for them!!!