POLL: Help me pick birthday bag


Which bag should I get??

  1. Damier speedy 25

  2. Multicolor Shirley

  3. Vernis Sunset Blvd

  4. Other

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  1. It's my 24th birthday next week and I want to treat myself to a new LV bag. Thanks to some birthday money and some painful overtime hours I have some spending money. But I can't decide on a bag. What do you think I should get? I would like either a damier speedy or a multicolor shirley. I already have a speedy like bag (mini-monogram josephine) and would like a small bag but I don't know how pratical that would be being as I live out of my bags.

    I can get the speedy new, but the shirley I would have to buy from a trusted ebayer or let-trade as I just cant bring myself to spend $900 on such a tiny bag.

    Also me and SO were at LV the other day picking up a bag I had taken in for repairs and the SO showed me the Vernis Sunset Blvd. That bag was soooo hot in pearl. Does anyone else think that bag is amazing? I hear the amarente leaves fingerprints but I'm scared about the pearle. The price was not so out of range either $750 little cheaper than shirley.

    I'm very excited I have not bought a new bag in forever!!!! It's been a long spring/summer!!
  2. i voted for the sunset blvd. since i have one and just love it. I like how it has the CC slots and zippered area for my $$ also the fact that it fits more than i thought it would and the gold chain is detachable is also a plus.
  3. sunset :biggrin:
  4. I voted for Damier Speedy since winter is coming up and you'll get more use out of it sooner! I do love the MC Shirley though and im pretty sure theres one on let-trade!
  5. Get the speedy!!!! It's a classic and gorgeous!
  6. Damier Speedy got my vote... you need a big bag! [Well, it's not really THAT big, but bigger than the bags you have listed. :p]

    An alternative: Popincourt Haut
  7. I voted Other - Azur Speedy!!! :tup:
  8. Seems like you guys are steering me towards the speedy.....

    The shirley and the sunset are soooo much prettier than a speedy though lol. They are dainty. I don't do dainty. Hence my need for a large bag. Where would all my pills bottles, reciepts, keys, ipod, misc papers, toys, makeup, and phone go?

    My SO who never gives his opinion ON ANYTHING (I think from fear of me nagging him later if it's a bad choice) even said if I get a smaller bag it would be better because then I wouldnt carry all that crap. It's been compared to a black hole. Stuff just piles up in there.

    John 5: Don't really car for the haut? Any others you suggest
    Bag Snob. I would probably being getting the regular damier, not the azur.
  9. i like the damier speedy, a definite must have it' so practical and versatile!
  10. i voted for the speedy cos ya can't go wrong with it and the damier one is TDF. i love the shirley too but imo you can't get much use out of it. it's beautiful but not so practical.

    perle is beautiful but i would be too scared to use it!!!
  11. i voted for the sunset blvd - i just love this bag .... I'm seriously looking at the homepage at this bag twice a day - I may have to buy it really soon. I love the pearl colour together with the gold chain. It's a perfect going out bag and not as common as the mono pochette.
  12. Damier Speedy.
  13. Sunset Blvd, I want one too .:girlsigh:
  14. I voted for the sunset blvd! such a hot piece!
  15. speedy. its everday and super practical

    Good Luck and Happy birthday