Poll: Help me pick a messenger bag

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  1. I tried on the Ieoh and I hated it, it's terribly bulky and is structured unless many of the other canvas messenger bags. I'd recommend that you'd try it on so I'd get Wichita.
  2. oh, the ieoh too! i suppose you are more or less convinced now with all the comments made above. and i get their reasons as well. go get it!
  3. I think Ieoh is too bulky too. Plus what does it matter if someone recognizes it is Louis Vuitton. The average person does not know Damier is Lv or even care. I like the Bosphore Gm but the graphite has another messenger coming out in October that looks like this:
  4. Damier Graphite :tup:
  5. I'd go for Graphite, and use the extra money to buy some accessories :tup:
  6. Get the Damier Graphite
  7. Ieoh! Graphite is the latest LV product. Besides, it looks young.
    Well, if you wanna have a mature look, u may try the other two.
  8. I've seen this in some blogs in damier graphite. what is this going to be called and around how much will it be? i'm thinking of giving it to my husband.

    I've been looking all over LV.com and eLux and to no avail. Thank god I saw your msg that this isn't out yet in Damier Graphite.

    Is it safe to assume it'll be the same price as the Bosphore?
  9. ^^ That's the Damier Spencer I think it's around 1,600 I believe. I would get that OP!
  10. damier graphite for it's sturdiness and the look is just really cool too.
  11. Graphite, by zog, for all the reasons already put forward, but especially:

    :heart: Brand new and hot!
    :heart: Much easier access.
    :heart: Is far more LV than the others - had I not known this is LV forum I'd have picked the third to be Mulberry, so reminescent of the Roxanne it's buckles are.
    :heart: At that price you can afford to also get yourself an Agenda GM and an iPhone case to keep yourself truly organised and set for college.
  12. Damier Graphite Ieoh
  13. definitely the gaphite! the other two look like they can be confused easily for brief cases so i think they're kinda confined for work purposes. the graphite looks much more functional for all kinds of use and i love that outer zip pocket. plus...graphite is just so gorgeous how can you not pick it?! AND the best part....it's less expensive
  14. I like the Damier Graphite best.
  15. one vote for Ieoh