Poll: Help me pick a messenger bag

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  1. I'm looking for a messenger bag for school/work and so far I've narrowed my choices to those 3 bags:

    Damier Graphite Ieoh 1330$
    Utah Omaha 1750$
    Utah Wichita 2040$

    Which one would you guys pick and why? Thanks! :tup:
  2. Damier Graphite Ieoh 1330$
    Easier access, when you in a hurry
  3. Damier Graphite Ieoh gets my vote, for various reasons: new and trendy; you recognize that it's LV from any angle; great for both work/school (casual yet dressy for work) depends on what you wear with it; quick access to outside zippered pocket to keep your accessories; and last but not least budget friendly and you can save the extra money you have left if you were intending to get the Utah Wichita but instead to get some Graphite accessories as well.
  4. You guys have a very good point. It is a lot cheaper than the other two bags and I could use the extra money to buy a wallet or something. Hmm... :smile:
  5. Go with the most affordable first (which in this case is the Ieoh), then go for the Taigas later.. :biggrin: Ieoh's gorgeous, i think you'll love it! And lerhrdj and Teatime are right, buy some accessories with your extra money.. :tup:
  6. There's actually this other messenger from Utah line. The Messager (?)...I like that one more of the Utah line. I actually prefer the leather ones, but of course, they are more expensive.
  7. Get the Damier Graphite............
    Utad is extremely heavy even if it's empty......

    and you don't need to worry about scratches with Utad as it get scratch easily

    and from price point.... it's cheapper
  8. get the graphite....!
  9. go Graphite :tup: coated canvas can take the beating than Utah leather.

  10. si! :tup:
  11. Damier Graphite!
  12. I would go for the Damier Graphite!! It's so chic!! Also it's annoying to have to unbuckle your bag everytime you need something...Also gotta go with the newest collection haha
  13. isn't tadao much much better!?
  14. I pick the Damier Graphite!!!

  15. I agree! :yes: