Poll: Help me decide what to wear to a wedding!

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Which dress should I wear?

  1. Gorgeous gold

  2. Passionate print

  3. Magical maroon

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. One of my good friends is getting married in late May and she's asked me to participate in her wedding. She's not having any bridesmaids and the wedding itself is somewhat on the untraditional side. The ceremony is in a church and the reception is in a nice restaurant.

    I like all of these dresses but I can't decide which looks better. Ignore the tan lines and let me know your thoughts!

    Dress #1 Gold


    Dress #2 Print


    Dress #3 Maroon

  2. If it were traditional, I would say number 3, but since it's not traditional, I definitely say number 2!!
    BTW - I absolutely LOVE the last two dresses on you!! They look so HOT on you!!:mad:
  3. i like no. 1 and 3.
    no.3 is more formal tho..maybe no.1 fits the scene more..im not sure, but they look good on you! :smile:
  4. delete duplicate
  5. I would say #1 being in a church, something simple. The other two look dressier to me
  6. I would go with #3. It's very classy, and it shows off your curve more than the other two.
  7. Either 1 or 3, but they all look fantastic! Have fun and let us know which you decide!
  8. Love 1 and 3.... 1 if it's more casual, 3 only if it's evening/night and super dressy. Though I suppose it could be dressed down a little with the right jewelry.
  9. I love #2, the colors and pattern are beautiful and it's so unexpected-looking! The colors look great on you.
  10. My vote is for the gold dress. The others are gorgeous, but not quite for this occasion. I'd be afraid of upstaging the bride in the second dress. And the third seems like it'd be too formal for this particular wedding.
  11. i love #2 on you but agree with the above poster. the gold one looks great and seems appropriate for the situation.
  12. I :heart: the 2nd dress, but lacherig pointed, it might be a lil too flashy, and upstage the bride. I voted for the gold dress, cos it seemed less fussy than the 3rd.

    G'luck, and let us know which dress you decide on!
  13. I would go with 1.
  14. They all look great! No. 3 seems a little too dressy for an untraditional wedding; if you don't think No. 2 would upstage the bride, I'd say go for it. Either way, hope you have fun!
  15. Maroon looks the best by far.