Poll: Help me decide pls!

  1. Thanks pikepeak
  2. Thanks boxer mom, i am pretty casual too. Yeah I too like the tods with leather stamping.
    Great points about bv, all of them hold great appeal to me, really helps
  3. Thanks for your opinions.
    After much dilly dallying between BV, Tods and Mulberry and getting distracted by Chloe Marcie,

    Finally here is my Tods d-styling bauletto in chocolate, rich and luscious color and leather in a great everyday size.
    Photos from my phone are not great but wanted to share :smile:
    Tods1.jpg Tods2.jpg Tods4.jpg Tods6.jpg
  4. Prettty bag! I voted for the BV, but in this color the Tod's looks fab!
  5. thanks Amazona
  6. Given your lifestyle, I think you made a good choice with the Tod's d-styling bauletto.
  7. Thanks aquafina, i think so too,
    seems a easy to use and sturdy bag so far
  8. With what you described I would go with the Tod's.. my second choice would be the Mulberry for you.

    Both could be dressed up or down depending.. not too boring or too much for any situation.

    You've got great taste!