Poll: Help me choose: Yellow, Navy or Purple?


Which flap should I get?

  1. Yellow 2.55 Classic Flap

  2. Blue 2.55 Classic Flap

  3. Purple 226 Reissue Flap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi girls!

    Can you help me choose?

    For 2008, I need to choose between the Yellow 2.55 classic flap, the Navy 2.55 classic flap, or the Purple 226 reissue flap.

    Any views or advice would be loved! :yes:

    Some details:
    - I am 27 yrs old
    - I want to use if for everyday use.
    - I want to keep it forever.
    - I'm a starving grad student who will be entering the workforce next year, so it may be my only Chanel for a while.
  2. Hi,

    If you want an everyday use bag - the navy color is probably your best best because it will go with a lot more than yellow or purple. In my mind ALL Chanels are forever but I try to stay away from trendy or seasonal colors because there is limited use - but go with your heart, personally I have been waiting for yellow for a long time and while I can probably only wear it at certain times, I am now buying specific pieces since I have the everyday bag - and the purple is gorgeous too - try on all three - which looks best on you? If it is your first, go for the blue.
  3. Another vote for Navy. Sounds like an everyday bag to me also.
  4. Navy would be more of a classic color. You may want to waitlist for all 3 and decide after you see them. The yellow and purple will be popular so you may have to search for them. Det to know some SA's.
  5. navy is a more classic color and more of a everyday bag
  6. Purple :tup::tup::tup::tup:
  7. What do you like to wear? If you wear a lot of colours, then navy would be great. But if you wear a lot of blacks/neutrals then a colour like yellow or purple would really pop!!!! Put yourself down to get all 3 and then try tem to see which you really love......
  8. Thanks girls, you really give the BEST advice! :yes: Keep the opinions coming.

    Maybe these pics will help w/ the imagining:

    Oh! Forgot to add: I think I will be getting the caviar leather



  9. I'm really hoping the Blue will be like the above picture, and won't be too dark. :nogood:
  10. I have a casual student's wardrobe, lots of jeans. I will have to dress in suits for my future job in one year, though (I think it will probably be mandatory). I have the most black in my wardrobe, but I do like to wear colors as well (usually Blue, purple, red)
  11. I think the navy would be perfect for you..
  12. Honestly, if this will be your first and only Chanel for a while, and since you plan on using it daily, I'd go with something more neutral like black or beige. I know blue can be neutral, but if you wear a lot of black, certain shades of blue may not be as easy to match.

    But if you just want an answer to your question, I'd go with blue from the 3 choices given.
  13. Looking at the pictures, I reiterate my vote for the blue - the yellow is not as yellow as I pictured so that is not a bad choice either but I personally think the blue will get you more wear. The purple is beautiful but I have seen that bag in person and held it and I don't think it is a practical everyday bag - it is more of a fun bag because of the color.
  14. I have to agree with OCgirl, she is thinking ahead in terms of you getting a job and carrying the bag...however if the three you mentioned are the ones we get to pick from then I say NAVY.
  15. depending on what other colors you have. i say yellow or purple because they're only produced once in a blue moon.