POLL: Help me choose a wallet please:

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Which BV wallet would you purchase?

  1. #1 - the all around zipped woven wallet

  2. #2 - the snap woven wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I realized too late that I should have put a poll in my wallet thread. Right now I have a sapphire blue Orla Kiely leather wallet - but i'm not sure that the "zip around" is a good look for a BV wallet. But i'm also a tad bit worried about card, etc. falling out from the snap wallet. Basically I need advice! :flowers:

    So here it goes, although #2 is shown in brown - I would be purchasing either in black (to match my Veneta bag).

    The choices are:
    #1 BV black woven wallet that zips all the way around

    #2 BV black wallet (although brown is shown) that has a snap and a coin purse
  2. they are both nice wallets but I personally like # 1 due to the zipper. I'm afraid that stuff would fall out off my wallet and the zipper really makes it secure.
  3. ^^That's my main worry. I had a wallet (not as fine as a BV wallet) that I put 2 credit cards in each slot - then it stretched out the leather so that if I just put one in - it would sometimes fall out in my bag. Am I just being crazy? Maybe BV would be better quality though and that wouldn't happen?

    Does anyone else think the zip around isn't as elegant - or maybe i'm being silly?

    p.s. Yes - please tell me why you choose the one that you do. I'm really SO torn right now!!
  4. I really like the zip around but both are really nice.
  5. I would choose the snap wallet. Personally I am not crazy about the all-round zip as a daily wallet (its great for travelling though esp the large one which fits passport perfectly). It looks too utilitarian and I prefer a more lady-like wallet for everyday use (I have a male colleague who uses the Tod's zip round as his daily wallet). But that's just my preference.

    Besides, I like how the snap part adds just the little bit of extra detail to the entire woven look. As to the leather being stretched, I think it can't be helped as nappa is really soft and it would be the same for any high end brand which uses untreated lambskin.

    And if I'm not wrong, the internal layout of both wallets are different as well. I am partial towards french style wallets, so the snap it is.

    HTH. Have fun with the decision.
  6. #2 (I'm biased as I have that one)
  7. I really like the all around zipped woven wallet, because it looks more original and unusual, wallet no 2 looks very classic though, but also like many other wallets on the market (with the exception of the woven leather of course).

    But I would definately go for no 1! I think it is gorgeous!
  8. :yes: Just that my slots are different from the one in your pic. But I love it to death! :biggrin:
  9. I just really love the simplicity of the zip around. You see full beauty of the woven. You can also grab and go with just your wallet and never worry. It is beautiful!

    How much are the two btw???
  10. Also, what does the inside of the zip around look like?
  11. I vote for the snap wallet. I have one with a 10-card slot and I never had an issue with cards falling out.
  12. Wow - you've all brought up excellent points. I'm more confused then ever! haha!
  13. I prefer the look of the second one.
  14. i'd go with the zipped one just because i think is more practical!;)
  15. #2 is my choice--does the zip wallet have the divided coin section? Mine has that and it's handy. La Van said her cards never fall out of her wallet and it's the same with me; some slots have 2 cards and I've never had anything fall out. If the interiors are identical, then it's just which exterior you prefer. I like the interior of #2. Good luck choosing!:flowers: