Poll: Help me choose a flap size - 09C light beige! :)

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  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I finally had a chance to try on the new light beige caviar flaps (gold h/w!) in person today and both (medium and Jumbo!) are GORGEOUS!! :love: I was seriously tempted, but I'm not sure which size to get. Pics of the Jumbo (so you can see the color!) are courtesy of ilovecocohanel in her thread found here:


    The neutral beige/cream caviar bags I have include the following:

    '05 light beige (it's cream!) caviar Jumbo with silver h/w:

    (Dark) beige medium caviar flap with silver h/w:

    (Dark) beige caviar hobo with gold h/w:
  2. How funny, I'm also in the same dilemma! I'm so in love with the beige, and can't decide which size to get! I'm starting to lean in the direction of a jumbo. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Okay haha, so I took too long coming up with my three options, and I exceeded the poll time limit (had no idea there was one)! :sweatdrop:

    My choices were:

    Choice 1: Go Jumbo! It's more practical, and there's more of that gorgeous color to love!!

    Choice 2: Go medium! It's a great day into evening size/it'll look nicer with spring/summer clothing and the size suits you nicely!

    Choice 3: Uhh, are you serious? Another flap?! :P Noooo!! :P.

    Anyway, please help ladies :sos: ... I'd love to hear your opinions!! :flowers: :heart:
  4. Hi aira! :smile: Haha, wow, we're on the same flap wavelength! :nuts: I keep waffling, but a few minutes ago I was right there with you (Jumbo)! :smile:
  5. We are on the same wavelength Minal! :smile: We're both dreaming of the light beige classic flap! I still have not overcome my phobia of light colored bags, but I am working on it. :P

    To me the new light beige caviar looks closer in tone to the 05 cream/light beige. You have both a jumbo and a medium flap in a beige shade. So this is a tough call. Since both your classic flaps are with silver hardware, my vote is for the Jumbo size. You 'need' a beige flap with gold HW in a more statement size. The 09 light beige is so chic and gorgeous that it needs to be showcased in the jumbo size IMHO.

    The Cruise light beige caviar jumbo has been the first bag that has seriously tempted me to overturn my ban on light colored bags! I need to overcome this phobia! Good luck sweetie! :biggrin:

    Choice #1
  6. I agree, the Cruise beige in jumbo with gold hardware........by the way, what stores carry this in the jumbo?....it is so gorgeous!!!!:heart:H
  7. I'd go for the 09 light beige medium/large flap, since you have a light beige jumbo. How does the 05 light beige compare to the 09 light beige? I can't tell from the photos.

    Although, jumbo with gold hw sure is gorgy! Oh heck, I still can't decide for you, or for me!
  8. Hi Steph!! Haha, we are! :smile: I'm also freaked out by color transfer, but I haven't had any problems with my beige/light beige flaps, and I think either the light beige medium/Jumbo will hold up okay! :smile:

    Hmm, that's a good point... the Jumbo/light gold h/w does make a statement and especially so in the Jumbo! :love: I think I need to go back to NM carrying my '05 light beige (which is definitely not the same shade as the '09 light beige - it's really cream - but it looks like it is due to my crappy pics/the pics found here) so I can make sure of it. :sweatdrop: You should consider the light beige too... you can overcome your phobia... it's worth it! :-p

    - Hi! :smile: I found it at NM!

    Hi aira! :smile: Hmm, well my pictures are crappy, but I'd say the '09 light beige is in between my '05 light beige and the traditional darker beige. :smile: The '05 is really a cream colored bag (not sure why Chanel decided to call it light beige), and the Cruise light beige definitely has more of a warmer/sand tone to it (plus I want it with the gold h/w, which makes it even "warmer" haha). :smile:
  9. medium!!
  10. Hi M! (L) i think you'll get more use of the Jumbo BUT i'd say go for the medium. It is such a pretty bag and the color makes it looks soo .. classy so i think this color looks best in the medium. Hope this helps hon!
    p/s i want one too!
  11. Hi Fieryfashion! I love the new Light Beige very much, you look so chic when carried it ! please , don't change your mind, keep the 09 Clair beige!!!!!
  12. I say go w/the med. :tup: You can't go wrong. They are great for the day & night,like you said. GL with your decision. Ley us know which one you choose.:smile:

    ***You can never have too many flaps:P
  13. I think Jumbo....... I think Jumbo is more practical!
  14. Jumbo all the way! It is tdf!!!!
  15. Mina, I just bought the jumbo with gold chain. and I completely love it. :love: ( I personally love gold chain with this light beige)